Rows of the Best Selling Cellphones in Indonesia

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ACCURATE.CO In recent years, technology has developed rapidly in the world. Moreover, the use of cellphones, which was originally only a communication machine, has now turned into a multi-purpose device.

Mobile devices or smartphones are becoming increasingly needed in this day and age. Because, cell phones can be used as a means of entertainment for both children and adults. The entertainment can be in the form of games such as educational games, war games, or talent games.

Entertainment can also be in the field of entertainers by taking advantage of the subordinate professional features of the smartphone. Like the AI ​​camera feature to get quality photos and vlog videos. Summarized from various sources, here are some of the best-selling mobile phones in 2021 that are worthy of your consideration.

1. Xiaomi Redmi 9A

Although priced at a low price, the specs offered by the Redmi 9A are not cheap. The presence of the Helio G25 type gaming chipset is one of the attractions of Xiaomi for consumers.

And it was proven, Redmi 9A became one of the best-selling cellphones at a price of 1 million which quickly sold out thousands of units during Flash Sale in a number of well-known e-commerce.

Not only attracting attention in the performance sector, this Redmi 9A also has interesting camera features even though it carries a single rear camera, the feature in question is the Kaleidoscope. And with the support of a 5000 mAh battery, the Redmi 9A is certainly very indulgent for high mobility, yes.

2. Samsung Galaxy M11

Compared to its two brothers, the Galaxy M21 and Galaxy M31, this Galaxy M11 certainly has the cheapest selling price. Yep, indeed the target of the Galaxy M11 itself is for the lower middle class.


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