Stingy people are hated, then with whom? Maybe with the same stingy

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1NEWS – Women generally do not like men who are stingy. Men who are known to be stingy are definitely not included in the list of ideal partners. Don’t ask to get married, don’t even want to date. Dating a man who is known to be stingy is certainly not a pleasant experience. Instead of being invited to go to the cinema and then eat in a comfortable restaurant while chatting casually. When on a date they are even invited to watch TV while eating fried foods bought on the street. Gifts as a sign of love also can not be expected from a stingy man. It’s different if you don’t have money. Having no money and being thrifty is different from being stingy. So why waste time dating a guy who doesn’t want to spend money?

If women generally don’t like stingy men, then with whom are stingy men likely to have a match? Maybe with a woman who is just as stingy as him. Not only men, many women also have a super stingy character. This is also a fact. Just like a stingy man, a woman who has a stingy nature can also be very disturbing to those around her. They never want to give, but always gladly accept gifts. No reciprocity. Want to continue to be given without wanting to give. Nice to be treated but don’t want to treat. Happy to be sent food but don’t want to send it back. Happy to be entertained when visiting, but do not want to entertain when visited.

If you’re not a stingy person, pairing up with a stingy person can be quite a hassle. Like it or not, you have to be a part of the mess. You might also be labeled as the stingy. Not infrequently you have to bear the shame because of the stingy nature of your partner. This problem can be very serious, especially if you feel that your partner’s stingy nature has also damaged your good name. So think again before deciding to choose a partner who is stingy in character.

People with a stingy character may only fit in when paired with someone who is equally stingy. Neither one is bothered because both are equally stingy. Support each other in the act of being miserly human. No agenda to help relatives or friends in need. All money and wealth is kept, nothing should go out. There are no family vacations or visiting relatives’ homes with gifts.

For those who are single, don’t choose a partner with a stingy character, especially if you are not a stingy person. And for those who are already married to a stingy person, be patient because this character cannot simply be removed. Wealth that continues to grow will not make a stingy person suddenly become a philanthropist. But if you don’t want your self-image to be damaged because of your partner’s stingy nature, then you have to act.

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