Suing for Divorce Remembers One-sidedly, Nana Mirdad Admits Disappointed with Tyna Kanna’s Attitude

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Suing for Divorce Remembers One-sidedly, Nana Mirdad Admits Disappointed with Tyna Kanna's Attitude

Tyna Kanna and Nana Mirdad (Instagram/nanamirdad_)

Recently the public was made excited by rumors of Tyna Kanna who was accused of cheating on Kenang Mirdad. The rumor also went viral in cyberspace. Not long ago, Tyna Kanna actually filed for divorce to Kenang

Knowing the news, Kenang’s older sister, Nana Mirdad, prayed for the best for her sister. Nana Mirdad admitted that she did not want to interfere and tried to respect all decisions taken by Tyna Kanna.

“I believe that everyone has the right to have their own decisions in marriage, so if this is the choice, we don’t have the right to intervene to prohibit it,” Nana said when contacted via text message.

However, there is something unfortunate about Nana Mirdad from Tyna Kanna. He questioned Tyna’s way of not giving news of divorce issues with Kenang Mirdad.

“We as a family only really regret the way, because after all we have all loved Tyna very much for these 12 years. My Papa and Mama are so close to Tyna, we have to get news of this magnitude through the media. That’s all that’s unfortunate,” said Nana.

Even so, Nana Mirdad emphasized that she still accepted Tyna Kanna’s decision to divorce Kenang Mirdad. Although previously known Kenang wanted to maintain the household.

“But when it comes to Tyna’s decision, she’s an adult, she has choices, and she’s capable,” said Nana.

Finally, Nana Mirdad prayed for Mirdad’s memory. He hopes that his sister will find a woman who respects him more.

“We only pray for the best for Kenang, hopefully he can find a woman who can respect him more in the future,” said Nana.

Previously, it was known that the South Jakarta Religious Court confirmed the registration of a divorce case on behalf of Tyna Kanna against Kenang Mirdad. Tyna filed a lawsuit on August 30, 2021. The inaugural trial of Tyna Kanna and Kenang Mirdad will be held on September 21.

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Tyna Kanna and Kenang Mirdad have been married since 2009. They also have two children from this marriage.


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