The Danger of Booty Bumping, Method of Using Drugs Through the Anus a la Coki Pardede

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1NEWS, Coki Pardede was arrested for drug abuse cases of methamphetamine. During the arrest, the police confiscated 0.3 grams of methamphetamine and a syringe. Interestingly, Coki is known to consume methamphetamine by injecting it through the anus (anal).

“The person concerned (Coki Pardede) also conveyed through anal,” said Police Commissioner Deonijiu De Fatima, Tangerang City Police Chief at the Tangerang City Police, some time ago.

Coki has been named a suspect and charged with article 114 paragraph 1 subsidiary article 112 junto Article 132 number 35 of 2009 related to the narcotics law and reportedly Coki Pardede is threatened with 6 years in prison.

This technique of using narcotics through the anus is known as booty bumping, boofing, plugging or also called hooping and up your bump. Quotes Healthline, in the past, this custom was associated with the practice of homosexuals, transgender people and people who engage in anal sex. But in fact, booty bumping it is possible for all drug users including people who are not interested in anal sex.

Method booty bumping can take effect more quickly, in just a matter of minutes. Drug users who use the method booty bumping usually feel high in three or five minutes. Much faster than the syringe and suction method. In addition, the method booty bumping makes the user feel the effect that is more pronounced on the body.

The effects can last for hours. Even so, the duration for high depending on the amount of substance used and the body’s tolerance. This is why this method is more often used by high-dose addicts.

Method booty bumping is often the choice of drug users to avoid suspicion. The reason is, the method booty bumping can avoid the effects of nausea and bad breath, which often occurs when taking drugs orally. Temporary, booty bumping also makes drug users avoid skin damage due to injection methods.

The way to use drugs through the anus is indeed quite extreme. Drug users insert a mixture of water and methamphetamine into the anus using a syringe or lubricant injector. In addition, there are also those who directly insert their drugs into the anus without using any tools.

This method itself has received attention by health experts. Not only related to the dangers of drugs, but this method can cause serious health problems. For example, bloody stools, inability to control bowel movements, a constant need to go to the bathroom, blockage of blood flow to parts of the intestines and abnormal cell death.

Booty bumping can damage the rectal tissue and tear the anus if done too often. This condition will cause pain in the anus and buttocks.

Not only that, users who often use this method booty bumping are also very susceptible to HIV and sexually transmitted infections (STIs), even more addicted.

The reason is that the anal cavity has many blood vessels and a thinner surface layer so that meth is more easily absorbed than oral consumption.

Note! This article is for informational purposes only, and education and wisdom are expected in reading it. Remember, my friend Accurate should always stay away from drugs![]


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