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Having children is considered a blessing for a family. No wonder many couples are expecting a baby after marriage. There are couples who want a few children, but there are also those who want to have many children so that the atmosphere in the house becomes crowded.

Maybe that’s what the couple who recently went viral on social media felt. Unmitigated, the couple has 24 children. What are their stories like? Check out the full information below.

Couples from neighboring countries

Malaysian couple have 24 children [sumber gambar]

Muhammad Mukmin Al Muttaqi shared on TikTok that his parents have 24 children. It turns out that the man from Malaysia has two mothers. He explained that the first mother gave birth to 15 children and the second mother had 9 children. The believer himself is the fifth of 24 siblings.

The house is never lonely

Malaysian couple have 24 children [sumber gambar]

The believer again explained that the eldest of the 24 siblings was 25 years old. While the youngest is 12 years old. Uniquely, Mukmin said that his house was always crowded because of his many family members. However, the believer’s house is divided into two so that it is not too crowded. Believers admit that they often see the expressions of people who are surprised when they find out the number of their siblings.

Often forget and get confused

Malaysian couple have 24 children [sumber gambar]

Apparently, Mukmin’s parents had a hard time because they had too many children. They often mispronounce names and often get confused when calling their children. Moreover, these children have long names and are difficult to remember. Even Mukmin’s parents often forget which brother and sister.

No formal school

Family portrait [sumber gambar]

According to Mukmin, many of his siblings choose not to attend formal schools. However, two Mukmin brothers were asked to be representatives of the international level in the memorization competition. The believer did not expect his family’s story to go viral on social media.

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In fact, it is not only Mukmin’s parents who are blessed with many children. Previously there were several stories of families with many children from different parts of the world. Even the family story was documented on a television station in England.

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