The Long Tail of the Online Forum, Nana Mirdad is furious that her family is called a cheater

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The Long Tail of the Online Forum, Nana Mirdad is furious that her family is called a cheater

Nana Mirdad (Instagram/nanamirdad_)

After Rachel Vennya spoke up about online discussion forums that often gossip about public figures. Now it was Nana Mirdad’s turn to speak up because her family was being gossiped about there.

Even though her surname is a pun, Nana Mirdad understands very well that the gossip with harsh words is aimed at her family. The contents of the conversations of several accounts allege that Jamal Mirdad’s family seems to distort the facts. As a result of the divorce case of Tyna and Kenang, Jamal Mirdad’s family was accused of being a cheater.

Si Nanang is a cheater, Mokondo too haha. Only has the name madrid, it’s like his father is a selengki,” reads one of the messages on the forum which was screened by Nana Mirdad, quoted on Sunday (5/9/2021).

Nana Mirdad was angry because of it. Andrew White’s wife even wrote curses to those who had slandered her family.

Hey, those of you who don’t know Kenang or our family at all… what suddenly gives you the right to judge and spread rumors that are not true?” protested Nana Mirdad.

Nana Mirdad also prays that those who gossip about their families will not suffer the same fate. He also hopes that they do not experience slander like his family.

I hope the same thing doesn’t happen to you and your family… I hope you never have to experience an extraordinary loss and then be slandered like this,” continued Nana Mirdad.

Previously, Rachel Vennya also expressed her discomfort and trauma about this busy discussion forum. He admitted that since 2018, he has been gossiped about, even his son is said to be dirty and is still traumatized to this day.

It is known that the South Jakarta Religious Court confirmed the registration of a divorce suit on behalf of Tyna Kanna against Kenang Mirdad. Tyna filed a lawsuit on August 30, 2021.

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Before the lawsuit was registered, there were many rumors of Tyna’s affair with Kenang. However, Kenang still wants to maintain his household.

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