The reason Dhena Devanka is still at home with Jonathan Frizzy after suing for divorce

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Jonathan Frizzy and Dhena Devanka (Doc

1NEWS – Wedding Dhena Devanka with Jonathan Frizzy at stake in court. As is known, Dhena has filed a divorce suit with the South Jakarta Religious Court, on August 30, 2021.

What’s interesting, even though it’s in the process of separating, Dhenna Devanka and Jonathan Frizzy still live together. According to Dhena, this was done for the benefit of none other than her three children, Zoe Joanna Frizzy Simanjuntak, Zack Jaden Frizzy Simanjuntak, and Zayn Jowden Frizzy Simanjuntak.

“Yes, we are still in the same house, because there are children too,” said Dhena Devanka, during a press conference in the Kebayoran Baru area, South Jakarta, Saturday (4/9).

Dhena Devanka tries not to show any problems in front of her children. He and Jonathan Frizzy also continue to communicate for the benefit of the baby.

Jonathan Frizzy and Dhena Devanka (Doc 1NEWS)

“All my children just be happy, no one knows,” continued Dhena Devanka.

Furthermore, Dhena Devanka said divorce was the final decision she had to take. Before going to the Religious Court, Dhena admitted that she had had serious talks with Ijonk and was mediated by his family. However, there is still no consensus.

“The day before we had a family meeting, both sides came from his uncle. We have discussed that. He knew I would file a lawsuit,” said Dhena Devanka.

First trial of divorce Dhena Devanka and Jonathan Frizzy are scheduled to be held on September 16, 2021, with a mediation agenda.


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