THOUGHTS!!! 3 non-husband and wife were caught in a raid who was being INDEHOY. . .

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A number of hotels and boarding houses in the Kalipuro area last Sunday (25/2) were raided. This sudden operation in order to eradicate this (condensed) society’s disease secures three perverted couples. Surprisingly, some of the non-mahram couples were students. There is also a status as a civil servant (PNS).

Three non-married couples were caught in a raid while enjoying themselves in the room. The concentrated raid involved ten Kalipuro Police personnel who were divided into two teams. The first team targeted several boarding houses in Ketapang Village.

Meanwhile, the other team moved to search for jasmine-class hotels in the Kalipuro area. The jasmine class boarding house is alleged to be a dirty place for young people. In addition to the Lingkar Hotel, raids on perverted couples were also carried out at the Tanjung Wangi Hotel, the Dua Baru Beach Hotel and the Warung Panjang area.

At the Dua Baru Beach Ketapang hotel, officers had time to find a foreigner with an expired visa. Kapolsek Kalipuro AKP Supriyadi said there were three perverted couples who were secured by officers. They come from the sub-districts of Kalipuro, Muncar and outside the city such as from Mojokerto and Bali.

“We have secured these three non-husband and wife couples at the hotel on the Ketapang Ring Road,” said the Sector Police Chief. He added that when they were raided, the three couples were alone in the room. When the officers checked their identity cards, none of the couples were married.

“They are all young. Some are still 19 years old,” he said. That same night, the three of them were immediately taken to the Kalipuro Sector Police Headquarters. “Three couples we follow tipiring as well. Previously, we have also given advice so as not to repeat it again, “he concluded. (radar)


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