Two Mothers Threatened to 7 Years in Prison for Stealing Eucalyptus Milk and Oil for the sake of Their Children – 1NEWS

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Two mothers cry when they release a theft case at the Blitar Police Station. They admitted that they were forced to steal the baby’s milk because of an urgent need.

The two mothers, namely MRS (55) and YLT (29), residents of Kota Lama Village, Kedungkandang District, Malang City. Their tears continued to flow when they were presented in the case release at the Blitar Police Headquarters, Friday (3/9/2021). They worry that no one will take care of their young children.

They were reported to have stolen baby milk, various baby oils and snacks. The theft was carried out in two locations on the same day, namely Tuesday (31/8/2021).

The first theft was carried out at Rina’s shop at 12.00 WIB. Then the second theft was carried out at the Ringgit Shop at 13.00 WIB.

While stealing at the Ringgit Shop, the shop owner caught him. Then secure them and hand them over to the police.

“So the modus operandi is that they pretend to buy goods. One is in charge of distracting shopkeepers, the other is putting the stolen items into clothes,” said Blitar Police Chief, AKBP Adhitya Panji Anom in front of the media, Friday (3/9/2021).

To the media, MRS admitted that he came to Ngeni to look for his husband’s brother. This search was carried out because her husband was paralyzed and needed the help of his brother in Blitar. MRS came to Blitar with her niece, YLT, bringing her three-month-old baby. They have been in Blitar since three months ago.

The police confiscated much of their stolen goods from the two shops. These include two boxes of milk, dozens of eucalyptus and telon oils of various brands, dozens of snacks, two bottles of hand body and perfume. In addition, the police also secured a Yamaha Vega motorcycle with the number N 3842 FH which was used when stealing at Ngeni.

Even though the reason they commit the theft is because of the need for a baby, the police cannot apply restorative justice. This is because the reporting party who is harmed does not want peace or mediation efforts.

These two women will be charged with Article 363 of the Criminal Code. The maximum penalty is seven years in prison.

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