VERY AWESOME!!! the fate of the perpetrator of the theft, after failing to steal the cellphone of the victim, who is none other than a member of the police

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Unfortunately, the fate of the perpetrator of the theft with the initials AS (44) alias Sinyo, a man from Pasuruan, is now living behind bars, after failing to steal a cellphone at the house of his victim who is none other than a police officer.

The Head of Karangrejo Police, AKP Sudaryanto through the Head of Public Relations of the Tulungagung Police, Iptu Nenny Sasongko said, to account for his actions, the suspect is now detained at the Karangrejo Police Headquarters.

“We have arrested one suspect at the Karangrejo Police Headquarters,” he said

Nenny explained that the suspect’s arrest took place last Friday (03/09) afternoon, when the suspect was about to steal a cellphone at the house of a member of the police.

Unfortunately, the suspect’s actions were identified by the owner of the house so that the suspect was immediately arrested, while another suspect who helped during the action was still being searched.

So this suspect entered the house of the victim with the initials CIP who is also a member of the police, at that time he was immediately secured and carried out development, it turned out that there were two perpetrators, one was the executor and the other was monitoring the location from outside, “he said.

Nenny revealed, based on the results of the development of the case, apparently the suspect also did the same thing twice in the jurisdiction of the Karangrejo Tulungagung Police.

“It turns out that this suspect also acted in Karangrejo, there were two victims there, namely HJ and NUR,” he said.

From the suspect’s hands, two cellphones belonging to the victim who lived in Karangrejo district were secured.

As a result of his actions, the suspect was charged with Article 363 paragraph (1) 4 of the Criminal Code with a threat of 7 years in prison


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