Viral Boy Goes Home Covered in Mud, Suddenly Becomes an Artist when He Gets Home

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The boy came home from playing covered in mud (tiktok)

A video showing the action of a girl returning home covered in mud has gone viral on social media.

In the video uploaded by a TikTok account, a little girl is seen being picked up by her mother from the playground.

When they arrived at the house, all the residents were surprised and laughed amused at the appearance of the little girl. He walked smoothly even though his whole body was like mud.

Starting with the hair to the tips of the legs, thick brown mud seemed to cover the little boy’s body.

The mother who was walking behind her seemed to be carrying a long knife which was then used to hit the girl’s bottom.

“When the old man picked him up after playing in the mud. Hаһа sара kаа kе time?” This is the description in the video, quoted by, SаЬtυ (4/9/2021).

As a matter of fact, the child didn’t react in the slightest. He continued to walk down the inside of the cave to go to the bathroom and rinse his body which was covered in mud.

boy playing in mud (tiktok)

Even though the child’s nursery is ridiculous, all of the family members can laugh. Even the young child suddenly became an artist because almost everyone at home was competing to capture the moment with their camera.

Netizens who saw ео tегѕеЬυt then wrote various comments. Most of them refused to be able to suppress laughter when they saw the осаһ after a mud game.

“Amen, it’s really funny,” wrote Sаӏаһ еога the netizen.

“Instantly I became the artist of my own house, cameras were everywhere,” said another netizen.

“Don’t hit ma’am, let the children be like that,” said one of the netizens.

“It’s so funny, еӏυm has a life together now,” Another netizen said.

The full video can be seen here!


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