When asked about Ijonk having another woman, Dhena Devanka: A wife must be jealous – 1NEWS

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Dhena Devanka after undergoing an examination.  Photo: Matamata

Dhena Devankan’s household with Jonathan Frizzy is on the brink. The reason is, Dhena Devanka officially filed for divorce from Jonathan Frizzy alias Ijonk after nine years of marriage. The divorce suit was filed on August 30, 2021 at the South Jakarta Religious Court.

Dhena admits that she often asks her husband to clarify things. However, Ijonk could not give him a satisfactory answer.

“In recent years there have been explanations where it’s like I asked my husband for clarification but he couldn’t give me a reasonable answer. That’s roughly how it is,” he said, quoted from the Tabloid Bintang YouTube channel on Sunday, September 5, 2021.

Dhena also confirmed that jealousy was one of the causes of her domestic problems with Ijonk.

“So this is an accumulation of our unfinished problems, in the end, yes, it is like that. So if you say I am jealous, a wife must be jealous because there is love, there is love, love is what we build right. In my opinion, my foundation is also quite large.”

Dhena Devanka after undergoing an examination. Photo: Matamata

Even so, Dhena and her legal counsel did not want to answer in a straightforward manner about the issue of a third person who was tearing up their household.

“We don’t want to answer that.”

According to the lawyer, Dhena has tried to maintain her household with Ijonk in various ways.

“Actually, jealousy is normal in the household. If there is an excessive reaction from the defendant, yes, in the end, that is what sometimes causes all kinds of quarrels. Bu Dhena is trying to maintain the household as hard as she can and has asked for help from the family. However, can we say this is the last resort to file for divorce because we have tried to reconcile with the family but it didn’t turn out well.”

Jonathan Frizzy and Dhena Devanka.  Source: Instagram
Jonathan Frizzy and Dhena Devanka. Source: Instagram

Dhena Devanka reports Jonathan Frizzy on domestic violence charges

It is known that on August 27, 2021, Dhena Devanka conducted a police investigation regarding her report to the South Jakarta Police for the alleged domestic violence case committed by her husband. Dhena’s attorney said that his client received 19 questions during the examination.

“A total of 19 questions have been clarified by Mrs. Dhena, we don’t need to discuss the material, based on her report on domestic violence. The (domestic violence incident) is material, sorry, don’t provide evidence, actually, the report is the last one, actually we don’t want it to be like this, we are still open to peace, whatever the outcome, we will open ourselves up,” concluded Dhena Devanka’s attorney.

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