Zoya Amirin gives a message to bad boys, listen carefully

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1NEWS – Sexologist Zoya Amirin M.Psi. highlight some of the behavior of men who often use the services of call women.

Moreover, nowadays it is very easy to communicate with call women.

This behavior, according to Zoya, takes time to change and will not be easy.

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“When you enter into bad habits, such as liking a call woman, like watching an adult movie, you need to be serious about stopping,” he explained in Zoya Amirin’s YouTube show which aired on December 9, 2020.

According to him, it is not possible to immediately eliminate these behaviors and habits.

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Zoya also encourages men to have a strong will and motivation to quit.

“If the motivation is not strong, many people fail to quit the bad habit,” said Zoya in a show entitled “Like a Girl Booking, How to Quit? Quoted by 1NEWS, Monday (5/9).

For that, Zoya also advised to always strengthen yourself and have a target of achievement in the life of an adult man.


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