11 Characteristics of Real Honey and How to Distinguish It from Oplosan

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Characteristics of Real Honey

The COVID-19 pandemic has made honey much sought after by the public as a complement to increase body resistance. Unfortunately, this is what irresponsible people use to sell fake honey to the early public regarding the characteristics of real honey.

One of the most horrendous was the discovery of a fake honey syndicate typical of Lebak by the police in early November 2020. Packaged in such a way, this business managed to reap a profit of 8 billion rupiah.

Honey is made using ingredients that actually have nothing to do with honey and are medically harmful to health.

“The suspect of counterfeiting Banten’s iconic honey production, one of the regencies in Banten. The method is mixing glucose, fructose, and molasses. These three types of liquids are mixed as if they were real honey, even though they do not contain honey at all,” said Banten Police Chief Inspector General Pol. Drs. Fiandar quotes Detik.

Next, they package it as if it were real Lebak honey and sell it in bottles for Rp. 150-Rp. 200 thousand.

11 Characteristics of Real Honey

Reflecting on this case, it is absolutely necessary for the public to be careful and critical before buying certain products. No exception honey that will be consumed every day by you and your family. Summarizing various sources, here are various ways to determine the authenticity of honey.

1. Testing Honey with Paper

The first way you can try is to use blank paper. Drop or pour the honey you bought onto the surface of the blank paper. After that, tear the paper.

If the paper does not tear easily, then the honey you bought is real or pure honey. On the other hand, if the paper tears easily, it’s likely fake honey or a mixture of other ingredients.

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2. Knowing the Characteristics of Real Honey: Boiling Honey Using a Spoon

Seeing the characteristics of real honey can also be determined by boiling honey with a spoon. The trick, just pour honey into a spoon. Then heat a spoon filled with honey over a candle or flame.

If the honey produces a lot of foam and almost or even spills from the spoon, it can be concluded that the honey is genuine or pure. However, if the honey only produces a little foam, then the honey can be said to be fake honey or has been mixed with other ingredients in it.

3. Try It With Matches

You can try other characteristics of real honey by smearing the end of a wooden match with honey. Then rub the tip of a match that has been smeared with honey to ignite. If the match is still lit after being smeared with honey, then the honey is real. Fake honey will keep the matches from burning.

4. Freezing Honey, How to Know the Characteristics of Real Honey

Characteristics of Real Honey

To prove honey is real or not, you can also try it by putting honey in the freezer. If the honey doesn’t freeze after a while, then the honey is real.

Be careful if the honey you put in the freezer becomes frozen, then the honey has a mixture or is fake.

5. Dripping Honey in Water

Tests using water can also be a simple test tool to find out if the honey you buy is genuine. Put a spoonful of honey in the water. Honey is real if it doesn’t mix easily with water and settles at the bottom of the glass.

Meanwhile, honey droplets mixed or even floating in water can be confirmed to be fake or contain a mixture of water.

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6. Knowing the Characteristics of Real Honey by Using Your Thumb

The thumb can also test the authenticity of honey, you know. Is the honey dripping or does it spread to other body surfaces?

If this is the case, the honey you purchased may not be pure. The characteristics of real honey are thick texture and not runny. In addition, real honey has a sticky texture when it touches anything it will stick and not drip.

Real honey also tends to absorb into the surface of the skin when rubbed with two fingers. If there are grains left behind, reconsider buying the honey.

7. Microwave Test

Characteristics of Real Honey

Not only to warm food, you can also use the microwave to test whether the honey you have at home is pure or fake. The method is also easy, just pour two tablespoons of honey that you bought into a resistant bowl microwave and heat on high for 45 to 60 seconds.

Natural honey will caramelize, while artificial honey will be foamy and frothy.

8. Spread on the Bread

is there Parents who likes to snack on bread with added honey? Who would have thought, this can also test the authenticity of the honey itself.

Spread honey over a piece of bread. If it’s real honey, the top of the bread should be crispy in a few minutes. If the honey is fake, the bread will be soggy. This is because the water content of real and fake honey is definitely different.

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9. Watch the Flow

Characteristics of Real Honey

Try pouring room temperature honey onto a flat surface with a spoon. If the honey flows without breaking and forms lumps when it reaches the surface with a layer that disappears quickly, you can be sure that it is real honey.

Fake honey or real honey that is of less quality, aka the water content is above 20 percent, will flow intermittently. Meanwhile, premium honey with less than 18 percent water content tends to have a long shelf life. To compare the moisture content of honey, simply turn the honey bottle upside down.

10. Clarity

Fake honey looks clean, while real honey can look cloudy because it contains pollen and sometimes bee body parts. However, that doesn’t mean that clear honey is mixed honey. Parents.

Often real honey is heated and filtered many times to produce honey that is cleaner and more durable, making it more attractive to sell. If you want honey with optimal benefits, choose the one labeled raw, without pasteurization, or only through minimal filters.

11. Egg Yolk Test

Lastly is to use egg yolks. Put the honey in a container then add the egg yolks then stir. Egg yolks will appear cooked if the honey is real, while fake honey will not show any effect.

Distinguishing real and fake honey is difficult, even for experts. One of the latest ways to determine the authenticity of honey is by laboratory testing. Every honey has different characteristics.

However, prevention is better than cure right? Good luck!

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