11 Evidence That Half of the Human Population on Earth has the Patience of the Online Shop Admin

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If in Indonesia there is a competition about patience, it looks like people who work as sellers or admins online shop will be the winner. The reason is, in this digital era, it seems that there are still many people who are technologically stuttering. It’s still not much, there are also those who are clueless plus their behavior is resentful. Those kinds of things are faced by sellers and admins online shop daily.

So don’t be surprised if they deserve to be called one of the people who occupy the highest level of patience in Indonesia. Sometimes the income is not much, but every day there are customers whose hobby is testing emotions. The following is a series of proofs that the level of patience of the seller and admin online shop it’s never a game. Very well trained!

1. This is how the admin suffers online shop whose domicile is in remote areas. It’s a bit far away, emotions also take a long time

Testing patience / Credit: Twitter txtdarionlshop

2. You have been yelled at using harsh sentences, accused of being wrong, and the end is back again. So confused with people like this

Always angry / Credit: Twitter txtdarionlshop

3. It’s really annoying when you meet a buyer who doesn’t really help like this. Lucky as seller already used to hard upbringing :’)

Pmebeli fad / Credit: Twitter txtdarionlshop

4. Sales ballads on line, what is being sold, what is being asked by the buyer. Just play Tinder if you want to find a mate, Mas

Find a match / Credit: Twitter txtdarionlshop

5. Given review use the quality of the goods sent are normal. But, given review Use the wrong sentence to send like this, it just feels dizzy~

Teacher’s style review / Credit: Twitter txtdarionlshop

6. Become a salesperson online shop sometimes also have to be good at understanding what the buyer actually meant. Really confusing

Makes me confused / Credit: Twitter txtdarionlshop

7. The existence of these ‘P’ people has always been very unclear. I don’t understand what is meant by size ‘P’. It’s getting more and more disturbing, Bun~

The “P” is troubling / Credit: Instagram newdramaolshop

8. Trials are always present when sellers online shop meet this kind of buyer. Don’t understand shopping terms on line, it’s gone so far away again

Feels like colonial times / Credit: Instagram newdramaolshop

9. People who write good reviews. but give bad stars in marketplace it must be prayed for so that he quickly realized. Have patience for everyone~

Happens often / Credit: Twitter txtdarionlshop

10. Judging by the way he retaliated, we can all tell how patient this seller is in dealing with such creatures

Very patient / Credit: Txtdarionlshop

11. A pain almost felt by the sellers in online shop. It can’t be helped, the name of the sales person must be good and bad :’)

The difficulty of selling online / Credit: Twitter txtdarionlshop

That’s the twists and turns experienced by traders in the business world on line. It turns out that the progress of the times and technology is proven not always accompanied by the progress of the people, right?

That’s why the sellers online shop In Indonesia, it really deserves an honorary title as the most patient human race on earth. The people that are faced every day are just different.

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