11 Obi Belt Accessories Mix and Match Ideas. Originally for Kimono, Now Fashionable Accessory!

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fashion items it doesn’t only consist of superiors and subordinates, but there are still many fashion accessories that can make you look more stylish, one of which is a belt. Belts usually function to tighten pants, but nowadays belts can also function as a complementary fashion accessory. We can find belts in various colors and shapes, ranging from certain symbols, ribbons, to belts inspired by traditional kimono clothing.

Yep, this belt is often called an obi. Obi is a cloth belt worn when wearing a kimono. But now a lot fashion designer which makes obi innovation into an accessory that can be worn everyday. What kind of OOTD can be displayed with obi? Let’s check the following Hipwee Style review~

1. Blend of obi belt with various types of jeans ranging from skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans, and also ripped jeans you can try this. You can match it with a white shirt top and add accessories sneakers simple one

Credit: Pinterest – jadore-fashion.com

2. For a casual look, you can combine obi belt with tank top white and black culottes. Although it looks relaxed, outfit-you’re still cool!

Credit: Pinterest – us.smittenmerine.com

3. For those of you who wear a hijab, a combination of a tunic, material pants, and an obi belt this can also be an option. Simple hijab with back ties and additional accessories flat shoes make your appearance perfect

Credit: IG @megaiskanti

4. You don’t have to wear formal and semi-formal clothes, you can explore style obi belt with a home shirt and shorts like the following. Wear accessories heels so that the legs look taller~

Credit: Pinterest – vouge.co.uk

5. Have a shirt oversized? You can copy this OOTD idea, lo! Match shirt oversized-mu in short jeans and obi belt. You can add bag accessories, heels, and glasses to make it even more perfect!

Credit: Pinterest – stylerave.com

6. Now if this one is a combination of obi belt with jumpsuit. If you are bored with pants and want to explore with outfit Otherwise, you can try this combination!

Credit: Pinterest – whatwouldvwear.com

7. So that your white shirt and long skirt don’t look boring, you can combine it with obi belt gray with straps. Accessories heels with the same color makes you look elegant~

Credit: Pinterest – vouge.co.uk

8. For you lovers vintage style, you can combine a dark shirt with a pleated skirt and an obi belt. This alloy can be outfit You also go to work because it’s quite simple and doesn’t need a lot of complementary items

Credit: Pinterest – stylee.fr

9. In addition to the pleated skirt, a mixture of long dress with obi belt It’s also no less simple. You can use a belt with neutral colors and patterns. Your appearance looks feminine~

Credit: Pinterest – shein.com

10. Blazer paired with a belt? Can you do that? Yep, you can! You can mix blazer your favorite with obi belt as follows. So that you don’t seem ‘crowded’, you can choose obi belt with neutral and plain colors

Credit: via IG @anaoctarina

11. Lastly, if you have dress in the form of a kimono, you can really add an obi belt be a fashion accessory. So it looks like a modern kimono~

Credit: Pinterest – lianox.com

Well, those are some solid and match ideas using obi accessories belt which is inspired by the belt in the traditional kimono. If so, which style do you like the most?


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