13 Benefits of Bay Leaf, Help Overcome Dandruff To Relieve Stress

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13 Benefits of Bay Leaf, Help Overcome Dandruff To Relieve Stress

Who does not know the bay leaf? Mother may often provide and make sure it is in the kitchen, because this one leaf is versatile to be a flavoring in cooking, even the benefits of bay leaves are many!

Although it tastes bitter when eaten directly, the benefits of bay leaves can be a fragrant and delicious taste enhancer in various dishes.

It turns out that in addition to its use in the kitchen, bay leaves have various health benefits. This one spice contains antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, diuretic (facilitating urination), and is good for the skin.

13 Benefits of Bay Leaf that are a pity if you miss it

1. Diabetes Treatment

Bay leaves can treat type 2 diabetes because of its properties that lower blood sugar, cholesterol, and triglycerides. The content in bay leaves makes the body able to process insulin more efficiently. Drink boiled water of bay leaves regularly every day for 30 days. Monitor your blood sugar levels and still consult a doctor, yes!

2. Benefits of Bay Leaf are Good for Digestion

Bay leaves are good for digestion and can treat heartburn and flatulence. To treat complaints such as constipation, stomach acid or heartburn, boil bay leaves and drink warm. You can add ginger and honey.

3. Healthy Heart

bay leaf benefits

Content phytonutrients Bay leaves can provide protection against heart attack and stroke by improving heart health and function. To treat heart disease and anxiety, boil 3 grams of bay leaves and 3-4 grams of wild roses in 300 ml of water until only 75 ml remain.

4. Help Lower Uric Acid

High uric acid levels? If, yes, try to take advantage of bay leaves by boiling them with water, then drinking. This one leaf contains flavonoids which function to reduce uric acid levels in the blood.

5. Overcoming Fever and Infection

bay leaf benefits

Bay leaves are also effective for treating symptoms of fever, flu or infection. Apart from drinking the boiled water, you can also try soaking a small towel in the boiled water of bay leaves and placing it on your chest.

6. Benefits of Bay Leaf to Reduce Pain

13 Benefits of Bay Leaf, Help Overcome Dandruff To Relieve Stress

The oil produced from bay leaves has anti-inflammatory properties that can be used to reduce pain caused by sprains, muscle tension, arthritis, rheumatism or other causes. Massaging the head with bay leaf oil also helps to cure headaches or migraines.

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7. Help Maintain Body Immunity

Consuming boiled water of bay leaves can increase phagocytosis in the blood and leukocytes which activate the body’s immune response.

8. Benefits of Bay Leaf as Anticancer

13 Benefits of Bay Leaf, Help Overcome Dandruff To Relieve Stress

Bay leaves contain caffeic acid, quercetin, eugenol, and catechin which has efficacy chemo-protective which can prevent various types of cancer. Content pathenolide can prevent the growth of cervical cancer cells.

9. Teeth Cleaning

Who would have thought that bay leaves can also be used to clean teeth? Brush your teeth with bay leaves that have been powdered, do it every three days.

10. Repel Insects

bay leaf benefits

Bay leaves can be an insect repellent because of the content lauric acid-his. Keep a plate of bay leaves in the room to repel mosquitoes. If you have been bitten, make a paste of crushed bay leaves and mix it with a little oil then apply it on the bitten skin to relieve the itching.

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11. Prevents Kidney Stones

bay leaf benefits

Drink boiled water of bay leaves twice a day to prevent the formation of kidney stones.

12. Help Reduce Anxiety and Stress

One of the benefits of bay leaves that cannot be ignored is that it helps reduce stress levels in the body. This is because bay leaves contain a substance called linalol which can reduce stress hormones in the body. Therefore, this substance is also often used as aromatherapy.

13. Helps Maintain Healthy Hair

bay leaf benefits

Troubled hair such as dandruff that feels annoying? Try overcoming it with bay leaves. Interested in trying it? It’s easy, really, just puree and mix with water to form a paste. After that, apply it to the scalp area. And wait for the benefits.

How Safe Are Bay Leaves to Consume?

bay leaf benefits - lead

Bay leaf and bay leaf oil (or in form) essential oils) is relatively safe for most people. This spice is relatively safe when used as a cooking spice, but once you’re done cooking, you can throw it away before serving food.

Bay leaves cannot be eaten whole because they cannot be digested by the digestive system. It can only be used for flavoring and aroma in food. After all, it tastes bitter when eaten whole.

What about pregnant and lactating women?

Until now there is no reliable enough information about the safety of bay leaves for pregnant and lactating women. To be safe, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, it’s best to avoid it first, Bun!

That’s information about the benefits of bay leaves for health, may be useful, yes, Parents!

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