2 videos of Saipul Jamil on YouTube Trans TV have disappeared, one of them is at the top of trending

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1NEWS – Public criticism of the glorification carried out by Trans TV’s Viral Coffee program against Saipul Jamil led to an apology. Through their Instagram, Monday (6/9), Trans TV apologized publicly.

Saipul Jamil breathed free air on Thursday (2/9) after serving a prison term of 5 years 7 months at Cipinang Prison, Jakarta. Ipul, as he is known, was found guilty of two criminal cases of sexual abuse of minors and bribery of the clerk of the North Jakarta District Court. In total he was sentenced to 8 years in prison.

Taking advantage of the momentum of his release, the Viral Coffee program invited Saipul Jamil on Friday (3/9) morning. The plans for Saipul Jamil’s presence were announced by the hosts of Viral Coffee the day before. They seemed enthusiastic about welcoming Dewi Perssik’s ex-husband.

Sure enough, when he arrived at Kopi Viral Saipul Jamil was greeted like a hero, with flower garlands and flower bouquets given by the hosts. There he not only told the joys and sorrows of being in the cell, but also sang, including a duet with Inul Daratista.

In the afternoon, a video showing Viral Coffee with guest star Saipul Jamil was uploaded on the TRANS TV Official YouTube channel. As a result, in just a few hours the video titled “MASYAALLAH THIS IS THE STORY OF PILU SAIPUL JAMIL DURING PRISON | VIRAL COFFEE” topped YouTube’s trending.

Another video featuring Saipul Jamil with Inul Daratista is also trending number 7 with more than 500 thousand viewers. Ironically, those who watched it seemed to just want to leave a protesting comment in the comments column of the two videos. They regretted that Trans TV presented ex-convicts of sexual abuse cases without thinking about the feelings of the victim, who must have been traumatized by what happened to him.

Responding to public criticism, Trans TV finally removed the two videos and apologized to the public. Trans TV said the incident was used as a lesson for future improvements.

“We accept criticism and input regarding the Viral Coffee program which airs on TRANS TV on Friday, September 3, 2021 with guest star Saipul Jamil,” reads a statement from Trans TV.

“We apologize for the broadcast. This is a special concern and has carried out a thorough evaluation to be a lesson and improvement in the future. Thank you for your attention,” he continued apologizing.


Writer Indra Kurniawan

Editor Suyanto Soemohardjo


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