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Imagine if you suddenly can’t smell anything, from fragrant to rotten, you can’t smell anything. It must be automatically panicked and restless! This is commonly known as anosmia or not being able to smell. Currently, anosmia is becoming a hot topic because it can affect people with COVID-19. There are even cases of patients who, after recovering from COVID-19, do not recover from anosmia for the next few months.

People with anosmia are also usually insensitive to taste, because the senses of smell and taste are interconnected. As a result, sufferers will experience frustration and decreased appetite. So this time we will share 6 easy ways to overcome anosmia due to COVID-19. Is there any way? Check out the first list below!

1. Train the Sense of Smell

The first way to recover from anosmia is to train your sense of smell with smell therapy. This is recommended by various researchers, including the results of a study in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) entitled Olfactory Dysfunction in COVID-19 Diagnosis and Management which states that anosmia due to COVID-19 can be overcome by training the sense of smell. So how do you train it?

It’s very easy, you just inhale food or objects with a pungent aroma such as vanilla, mint leaves, eucalyptus oil, citrus, or essential oil. Inhale these scents for 15 to 20 seconds 3 times a day. Do this every day until the anosmia is completely healed. But avoid the smell of coffee because it can worsen anosmia.

2. Clean the Nose With Infusion Fluid

Cleaning the nose regularly is also a powerful way to reduce the symptoms of anosmia. This was also expressed by a pulmonary specialist at the Friendship Hospital, dr. Erlang Samoedro, Sp.P who stated that rinsing the nose can reduce anosmia.

Then actually cleaning the nose can use clean water, but intravenous fluids are the right choice because they are more sterile and the NaCl content can help keep the nose and upper respiratory tract cleaner and reduce anosmia.

But what you must understand is that NaCl or intravenous fluids cannot kill the COVID-19 virus in your body or nose. This has been researched and disclosed by the government, in particular the Molecular Working Group of the Indonesian Association of Clinical Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Specialists, dr. Basti Andriyoko.

Then how to use NaCl to clean the nose? First, prepare a NaCl infusion fluid with a level of 0.9 percent, a syringe without a 10 cc needle, a tissue, and a clean glass. Then wash your hands with running soap, and pour the infusion fluid into a clean container. Take the liquid with a syringe and adjust the position of the head by tilting it to the left to wash the right nostril and vice versa.

Then open your mouth and hold your breath, and spray the liquid firmly into your nose until it flows through the other nostril. Wipe the nose with a tissue and do it the other way around. Do it 3 times a day until the anosmia is completely recovered!

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