6 Effects of Masturbation on Men’s Health and Mental

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masturbation effect

In the past, masturbation or masturbation was considered an aberration. But lately, this activity has been seen as something normal, especially according to medical science there are a number of health benefits of masturbation. Only indeed, excessive masturbation is also not good. Then, what are the effects of masturbation that should not be underestimated?

Masturbation and its Benefits

Masturbation is a way of obtaining self-gratification by stimulating the genitals, often by using the hands, or some may use special tools to help achieve orgasm. Usually this activity becomes an innate or natural urge that most young men do during the puberty phase.

Arousal when masturbating is stimulated either by visual or audio material, even reading, which can evoke sexual fantasies. In some cases, this activity can change from a natural inborn habit to an addiction to harmful behaviors.

When masturbating, generally someone will reach orgasm. That way, masturbation that produces orgasm can provide many health benefits, such as reducing stress and anxiety, improving sleep quality, relieving headaches, and increasing sexual satisfaction. In fact, there is scientific evidence to suggest that masturbation can strengthen the immune system.

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6 Effects of Masturbation or Masturbation If Done Too Much

As the saying goes that says anything in excess is bad, so is the habit of masturbating. Here are some of the bad effects of masturbation.

1. Pain and Inflammation in the Vital Tool

masturbation effect

In fact, excessive masturbation can injure the vital organs. Some people experience injuries such as skin abrasions on the genitals due to masturbation too often. Although generally, this inflammation will heal on its own in a few days.

In more severe conditions, a person can experience Peyronie’s, which is a buildup of plaque on the shaft of the penis due to excessive stroking.

2. Increases the Risk of Infection

6 Bad Effects If You Masturbate Too Often, Can Disrupt Household Harmony

Because when masturbating usually use your hands or sex toys to achieve satisfaction, this will increase the risk of infection. So, make sure to pay attention to the cleanliness aspect.

If you use sex toys for masturbation, for example, you have to keep it clean, because unsterilized tools can be a breeding ground for bacteria that cause infection. Also, avoid using them interchangeably with other people. This can increase the risk of more dangerous sexually transmitted infections.

3. Masturbation Effect: Trigger Stress and Guilt

6 Bad Effects If You Masturbate Too Often, Can Disrupt Household Harmony

Instead of enjoying it as one of the most pleasurable sexual experiences, people sometimes feel guilty when they masturbate. Moreover, if done in a very frequent frequency. This even used to affect a person’s social life to trigger stress.

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4. Influence Sexual Life with a Partner

6 Bad Effects If You Masturbate Too Often, Can Disrupt Household Harmony

Some people prefer masturbation to actual sex because they feel more satisfied. Especially if the orgasm is achieved with certain fantasies that cannot be fully or partially implemented in real life.

But if done excessively, it may have an impact on sexual life with a partner. The reason is, rubbing or stroking the penis teaches solo action to your brain. The more you do it, the brain and body end up just moving in that solo response. This can have a negative impact on your sexual relationship with your partner.

5. Causing Addiction

masturbation effect

The habit of masturbating is very likely to trigger addiction so that it can cause a person to lose control over himself. This addiction can damage many aspects of life in the long run. If you find it difficult to control yourself to manage the urge to masturbate, don’t hesitate to seek help from a medical professional.

6. Disrupt Social Life, One Effect of Masturbation

masturbation effect

Excessive masturbation can also affect social life. Doing it too often will certainly prevent someone from interacting with other people.

Masturbation habit is just a waste of time and hinder work productivity. In fact, there are many other useful things that can be done. This in the end can have a negative impact on mental health.


Then, how often is it a safe frequency to do? Basically, there is no definite limit on how many times masturbation is considered excessive. But in general, masturbating will be considered excessive if it has caused various negative impacts as mentioned above.

Spending hours, even days watching porn, fantasizing about sex, and masturbating is a real sign that someone may have an addiction. Immediately contact a doctor or health professional to avoid the various effects of more severe masturbation.

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