7 Artists Who Have Social Foundations, Plunge into Helping Others

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7 Artists Who Have Social Foundations, Cinta Laura To dr.  Hats off!

Being able to share with others and get directly involved in community development is a joy in itself. One way is to establish a foundation. It turns out that there are several artists who have social foundations.

Quoting from the Public Service website, a foundation is a legal entity that has goals and objectives that are social, humanitarian, religious, educational, and others. The social foundation aims to help others, especially for the poor.

Successful and have big names in the world of entertainment, these celebrities do not forget to share with each other through the foundation he founded. Who are they?

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7 Artists Who Have Social Foundations

1. Love Laura

Source: Liputan6

Actress Cinta Laura is known as an active artist in the social world. The Cinta Laura family has a foundation called the Soekarseno Foundation.

The Cinta Laura family foundation established a number of schools, including in the interior, for example the Pangerasan Elementary and Middle School at the foot of Mount Salak, Bogor Regency, West Java. There have been about 11 schools founded by Cinta Laura and her family and all of her students are freed from the obligation to pay school fees.

2. Dian Sastro

artist who has a social foundation Source: Trax FM

Quoting from Kompas, since 2009 Dian Sastrowardoyo founded the Dian Foundation, a non-profit foundation that contributes to women’s empowerment, cultural preservation, and education.

In the activities of her foundation, Dian also does not hesitate to spend money from her personal pocket. Until now, the Dian Foundation has succeeded in financing the education of many underprivileged children so that some have succeeded in becoming doctors and lawyers.

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3. Nadia Mulya

7 Artists Who Have Social Foundations, Cinta Laura To dr.  Hats off! Source: Watch

Presenter Nadia Mulya is also included in the list of Indonesian artists who have social foundations. Together with her two colleagues, Kanaya Tabitha and Aline Adita, Nadia founded the Rumah Pandai Foundation, which works to help underprivileged communities and victims of natural disasters.

During the Mount Sinabung disaster several years ago, the Rumah Pandai Foundation established three shelters where education and mental healing were provided for children affected by the disaster.

The 41-year-old woman admitted that she was inspired by the Governor of DKI Jakarta and former Minister of Education Anies Baswedan who founded Indonesia Mengajar.

4. Caca Tengker

7 Artists Who Have Social Foundations, Cinta Laura To dr.  Hats off! Source: Compass

Nagita Slavina’s sister, Marsha Tengker or more familiarly called Caca Tengker is the Managing Director of a foundation called the RAS Foundation. The RAS Foundation is a foundation that aims to help children become better at using gadgets or other digital devices.

So is the father of the two sisters, Gideon Tengker. Gideon Tengker, who was popular as a musician in the 80’s, also took care of the Gideon Educational Institution Foundation, which was founded in 2000 by the late ABJ Tengker.

5. Celine Evangelista

7 Artists Who Have Social Foundations, Cinta Laura Until dr.  Hats off! Source: Okezone

The wife of soap opera Stefan William serves as the head of the Bunga Kasih Education Foundation in Sidoarjo. This foundation establishes schools for underprivileged children at no cost.

As reported by Fimela, Celine relies on her income from the entertainment world and the help of several donors to run her foundation.

The mother of four admitted that the reason for establishing the foundation was because she wanted to contribute to the nation’s next generation and did not want any children to have difficulty going to school like she used to.

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6. Agnez Mo

artist who has a social foundation Source: CNN Indonesia

Success in the international world, does not make singer Agnez Mo forget his homeland. He founded a foundation called Anak Muda Got Foundation which is engaged in social activities. One of them is helping victims of natural disasters.

The Young Got Foundation was founded by Agnez Mo with his fans who share the vision to bring positive change to the surrounding environment.

7. Tompi

7 Artists Who Have Social Foundations, Cinta Laura Until dr.  Hats off! Source: News One

By profession as a doctor, Tompi founded a cleft lip social foundation with several of his colleagues. According to the plastic surgeon, cleft lip surgery can cost a lot of money, so he and his friends opened a foundation to reduce the cost of cleft lip surgery for those who can’t afford it.

Those are some of the Indonesian artists who have social foundations. Successful, talented, and have a brilliant career, apparently they do not forget to share with others. Inspirational isn’t it?

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