8 Benefits of Pull Ups, One of them is Preventing Joint Pain

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benefits of pull ups

Pull ups are a type of physical exercise that aims to train the body’s muscle strength, especially in the hands and back. Parents requires a tool in the form of a strong pole to be able to do pull ups. For beginners, this physical exercise may feel a bit heavy but the benefits are worth the struggle. So, what are the benefits of pull ups for the health of men and women? Check out the following information.

8 Benefits of Regular Pull Ups for Men and Women

Pull up exercises help strengthen the body’s muscles in the hands and back. Not only that, this exercise also helps strengthen bone muscles and prevent a number of chronic diseases. Then, what are the benefits of pull up exercises that can be done? Parents earn? Here’s the information.

1. Pull Up Movement Can Train Arm and Shoulder Muscle Strength

Having toned arms and proportional shoulders is everyone’s dream. If Parents If you want to build arm and shoulder muscles, try doing pull ups regularly for 3 months.

Pull up exercises performed by hanging your upper body will improve the muscle structure of your arms and shoulders. For beginners, just do pull ups slowly with a short duration. If the muscles get used to it, increase the duration.

2. Benefits of Pull Ups to Strengthen and Train Back Muscles

benefits of pull ups

When doing pull ups, it’s not just the arm and shoulder muscles that react. Back muscles also work so that it gets stronger. This will make your back look proportional. In addition, if done regularly, pull ups also help reduce back pain. However, for beginners, this exercise may cause back pain.

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3. Improve Hand Grip Strength

benefits of pull ups

Often fall while holding something? Maybe it’s a sign if your grip is not very strong. Pull up exercises will help improve hand grip strength.

This is because when doing pull ups, the palms of the hands will grip the pull up bar firmly to hold the body. Strong hand grips will help you perform activities such as playing badminton, golf or carrying heavy items.

4. One of the Benefits of Pull Ups is to Maintain Bone Health

8 Benefits of Regular Pull Ups for Men and Women

Physical exercise that targets muscles, such as pull ups, is proven to be able to maintain healthy bones to keep them strong and healthy. To get the effectiveness of the benefits, you need to do it at least 3 times a week.

Also make sure you do it correctly to avoid muscle injuries that may occur because this exercise is quite strenuous.

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5. Maintain Heart Health

8 Benefits of Regular Pull Ups for Men and Women

The heart is one of the vital organs for humans. Unfortunately, this organ is quite susceptible to disease, especially for those who do not maintain a healthy lifestyle. Regular pull ups will help your heart stay healthy so you can avoid chronic diseases such as heart attacks or heart failure.

6. The Benefits of Pull Up Exercises Can Prevent Diabetes

pull ups are

If you have a history of diabetes, this exercise might be an option. Pull up exercises help keep blood sugar levels stable thereby lowering the risk of developing diabetes. However, if your diabetes is severe enough, it’s a good idea to consult your doctor first because this physical exercise can actually endanger safety.

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7. Prevents Joint Pain

8 Benefits of Regular Pull Ups for Men and Women

For Parents whose age is no longer young, joint pain is an unavoidable disease. Especially with the current routine that is very minimal moving.

Pull up exercises can help with joint pain, especially in the lower back. More specifically, joint pain caused by arthritis or other conditions such as fibromyalgia.

8. Benefits of Pull Ups to Maintain Mental Health

8 Benefits of Regular Pull Ups for Men and Women

Have you been under a lot of stress lately? Try to do pull ups. This physical exercise is able to maintain mental health such as anxiety, stress, depression, and fatigue due to burn out. When you exercise, your body produces endorphins, which release pain and provide positive energy.


Now, parents, that’s a series of benefits of pull ups for men and women. Ideally, this physical exercise is done regularly, which is 2-3 times a week. For beginners, you should be accompanied by a professional to prevent muscle injuries.

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