Actress Rosamund Kwan is now living full of wealth, living in an apartment worth 246 billion

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1NEWS – More than two decades of a career in the entertainment world, Rosamund Kwan decided to resign in 2007. After that, he focused on running a business in the real estate, fashion, and beauty fields. The success of his efforts made the star of One Upon a Time in China with Jet Li his life more and more full of wealth.

Rosamund Kwan reportedly lives in the luxury Tregunter Towers apartment on The Peak, Hong Kong. Rosamund bought the 278-square-meter apartment in 2018 for 135 million Hong Kong dollars, or around Rp. 246.9 billion. He spent a year renovating the apartment and overseeing the interior design. The price of the apartment is currently estimated to be worth around Rp. 309.5 billion. Not only that, Rosamund also owns a luxury townhouse that he bought in 2007. The apartment for 113 million Hong Kong dollars or Rp.206 billion is located at The Nautilus, which is located in Repulse Bay.

When she was a guest on the Fortune Show which aired on TVB Hong Kong, Rosamund Kwan had time to show her luxurious apartment to the public. One area of ​​Rosamund’s house that stood out during the tour was her walk-in closet, which is more like an upscale fashion boutique with lots of gold-colored wardrobes and rows of branded items. It is estimated that he collected more than a hundred designer bags and many pairs of high heels.

Rosamund Kwan lives in his apartment alone. There are only two pet dogs accompanying him. Rosamund Kwan has actually been married twice. But the marriage foundered. From these two marriages, Rosamund had no children.

Writer Hutapea Binsar

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