Answering the issue of changing religions when marrying Dhena Devanka, Jonathan Frizzy: We Never Play with Religion!

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Ririn Dwi Ariyanti and Jonathan Frizzy Rumored to Have Married Siri, Dhena Devanka: It Hurts the Heart…

Jonathan Frizzy and Dhena Devanka (Instagram/ijonkfrizzy)

Handsome actor Jonathan Frizzy is widely reported to have converted when he married Dhena Devanka. This fact emerged in the middle of the divorce process with Dhena.

The man who is familiarly called Ijonk finally opened his voice and responded to the issues circulating. Quoted from the syndicated page 1NEWS, Ijonk firmly made sure that he never played religion.

This also applies to his wife, Dhena Devanka.

“No one is playing with religion here,” said Jonathan Frizzy at the South Jakarta Metro Police, Monday (6/9/2021).

When asked about his current religion, Jonathan Frizzy refused to answer. Married in any way according to him is the privacy of his household.

“I don’t need to answer that, yes, it’s my household business,” he said.

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