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Harris Vriza and Cut Syifa.  Photo Source: YouTube

Cut Syifa gave a response when asked about the ideal guy by Harris Vriza, the actor who is now being matched by netizens with him. According to netizens, Harris and the Acehnese-blooded artist matched well as a couple when the two posed side by side at the Rizky Billar and Lesti Kejora wedding celebration event.

When uploading a video at Rizky Billar and Lesti Kejora’s wedding celebration recently, Harris Vriza received many comments from netizens on his YouTube. Like what? Check out the following reviews.

Harris Vriza asks Cut Syifa’s dream guy

Rizky Billar and Lesti Kejora’s wedding celebration event was attended by various fellow artists. Starting from Harris Vriza, Cut Syifa, Ady Sky, Fatin Shidqia, Husein Nasimov to Adit Adiyatma. On that occasion, Harris teased the couple who were matched by netizens, namely Fatin Shidqia and Ady Sky.

Meanwhile, Husein Nasimov teased Adit Adiyatma and Cut Syifa. Husein asked how Syifa would respond if Adit proposed to her in the near future.

“Cut Syifa, we want to ask, Adit is looking for a wife, what if you apply directly?” said Husein Nasimov, launching Harris Vriza’s YouTube on Monday (06/09/21).

Responding to Husein’s question, Cut Syifa did not give much comment. He hopes that Adit gets the woman he wants.

Harris Vriza and Cut Syifa. Photo Source: YouTube

“If you apply directly, hopefully you will find the woman you want. Why me? Oh that,” said Cut Syifa with a smile.

Harris Vriza, who was recording the moment, then asked the artist whose full name was Cut Syifa Hanasalsabila. The actor from Aceh asked about Syifa’s ideal guy on this occasion.

“Look, actually, we just asked Cut Syifa, Cut Syifa, is there actually a guy Syifa’s dream about, what kind of guy do you want?,” asked Harris Vriza.

While laughing, Syifa is reluctant to explain what the criteria for her ideal guy are. He only answered briefly and then followed Fatin and Arafah Rianti who had left the place first.

“Later like my husband,” said Syifa.

Netizens’ comments

Their moment of togetherness was immortalized in a YouTuber video entitled ‘SOMEONE INVITES TA ARUF IN HIS TASYAKURAN @Rizky Billar & @LESTI CHANNEL’. In the comments column, Harris Vriza gave a warning to netizens who often made negative sentences.

“I read in the ig comments, nothing has been blasphemed, even though the content hasn’t been broadcast yet, try watching the content first and then commenting, if there’s anything negative from here, those of you who have expressed hate comments, I hope you’re healthy! btw, thank you very much for the people who always think positively and always support my work, I love you,” said Harris Vriza.

Cut Syifa and Harris Vriza.  Photo Source: Instagram
Cut Syifa and Harris Vriza. Photo Source: Instagram

Meanwhile, other netizens highlighted the nature of Cut Syifa. In addition, not a few also support for Syifa and Harris to establish a special relationship in the real world.

Bismillah cut syifa and bang ais (Harris) next year…., we really can’t have high expectations.., but yeah, i just pray for the best for bng ais,“said the netizen.

Yuuuuk, bro, invite taaruf syifa. syifa is a good kid, calm, just right for my brother and mom, fany, will definitely like it… bismillah harsyif…halal,” said another netizen.

Syifa is a good child, polite, compassionate, gentle, very cool,” concluded the netter on YouTube Harris Vriza.

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