Baim Wong Upset Accused of Selling Life for Content

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Baim Wong admitted to denying netizens’ accusations that all of his life was made into YouTube content. This father of one child said that there were several events that were not disclosed, considering that they were part of the privacy department.

It all started when Baim Wong revealed that his wife, Paula Verhoeven, had Dengue Fever (DHF) when she was 7 months pregnant.

“He’s healthy, but yesterday DHF was poor. Yes, it’s been 7 months. In fact, the doctor said the danger was not the child but his wife, he said. Oh, sorry, the pregnant mother is like that,” said Baim Wong on the Asix Chat YouTube account recently.

Paula Verhoeven’s illness was only known to those closest to him. Baim Wong chose not to make this illness of his wife a content.

Here, he at once answered all the accusations of netizens.

“So we are like this, not all content, right. That’s why people are wrong, for example, saying there is something content, there is this content. Why do we take care of a lot too? From the stories that I didn’t include, the viewers are actually really big when you turn it down,” said Baim Wong.

“We can give an example of who has come out of our house, this, even though we are evil, we can actually create content, yes, and it’s interesting for the context. But if we have a heart, don’t we,” he continued

Therefore, the owner of the name Muhammad Ibrahim is annoyed with the sentences of netizens who often allege that YouTubers are often associated with being willing to sell their personal lives for the sake of content.

Baim Wong said that as he got older, he just wanted to work and worship. According to Baim Wong too, for now it is very important for him to do what he likes and not think too much about what other people say.

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