Because of this fact, Yosef began to believe that the culprit was Yoris?

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Joseph and Yoris

The perpetrators of the Subang murder, West Java, have not yet been identified. In fact, many witnesses have been examined, including Yosef Hidayah, the victim’s husband and father; and Yoris Raja Amanullah, the eldest son of the family.

The police themselves later tried to find out who had access to the house. Besides Yosef, Yoris’s name was also mentioned as having this access. This was confirmed by Yosef’s attorney, Rohman Hidayat.

Rohman said it was natural considering that Yoris was Amalia’s older brother and the son of Tuti who was the victim of the murder of a mother and child on Jalan Cagak, Subang Regency, West Java. But, he said, he was the one who also had access.

Moreover, he also often came to the house at night. “Another witness said that Yoris often came to the house at night,” Rohman told reporters, quoted by, Monday, September 6, 2021.

What was said by Rohman himself was a direct statement from Yosef. It was a normal thing he did. “I don’t really know, it’s normal that he often comes to the house, that’s according to Yosef’s statement.”

Yosef and Yoris at the golf area. Facebook Photos

When pressed whether Yosef began to suspect Yoris or someone else began to suspect him, Rohman was reluctant to say further. He said his client did not want to speculate further, and did not want to precede the work of the police.

He only emphasized that with these allegations, it can be explained that Yosef was not involved in the murder case of Tuti and Amalia. Apart from that, there was someone else to suspect besides his client and his young wife.

Yoris, Amel's sister.  Photo: St.
Yoris, Amel’s sister. Photo: St.

Furthermore, Rohman and his client then entrusted this murder case to the police. “The police are still working hard morning, noon, night, we’ll just have to wait and see what the results will be.”

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