Bosnia-Herzegovina vs. Kazakhstan Prediction, Three Points To Avoid The Position Of Locksmith

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1NEWS – The 2022 World Cup Qualifying Match between Bosnia-Herzegovina and Kazakhstan will take place on Wednesday (8/9) at 01.45 WIB. The Bosnia-Herzegovina vs. Kazakhstan match will take place at the Bilino Polje Stadium.

Bosnia-Herzegovina and Kazakhstan are both eyeing three points so that the two teams do not become bottom of Group D. Because Bosnia-Herzegovina and Kazakhstan are both in the distended position of Group D with a collection of two points.

Bosnia-Herzegovina yet to win in Group D

The host team Bosnia-Herzegovina is yet to win in Group D in this 2022 World Cup Qualifier. Of the three matches, Ivaylo Petev’s squad only drew against France and Finland and had lost to France 0-1.

This brings Bosnia-Herzegovina in fourth place in Group D with two points. The total points are actually the same as Kazakhstan, but they are ahead on goal difference.

In the last match Ivaylo Petev’s team won a positive result because they won against Kuwait in a friendly match. Bosnia-Herzegovina won 1-0 thanks to an only goal from Smail Prevljak.

Bosnia-Herzegovina Of course they are eyeing three points against Kazakhstan on Wednesday (8/9). Because they don’t want to be in the bottom position in Group D in the 2022 World Cup Qualifiers. If they win 1-0 in that match, Bosnia-Herzegovina can shift Ukraine, who is in third position.

Ivaylo Petev will rely on Eldar Civic, Adnan Kovacevic, Aleksandar Jovicic and Branimir Cipetic to guard the Bosnia-Herzegovina back line. Meanwhile, Haris Hajradinovic and Stjepan Loncar are expected to fill in the defensive midfield positions to help the back line.

Smail Prevljak, who scored against Kuwait, will probably return to playing on his own front line from the start of the match. There will be three players who might support Smail Prevljak in the midfield position, namely Adi Nalic, Amer Gojak and Miroslav Stevanovic.

This formation is expected by Ivaylo Petev to dismantle the Kazakh back line and anticipate the visitors’ counterattack. Because Kazakhstan is predicted to play very defensively to launch a counterattack when the opportunity arises.

Kazakhstan Wants To Move From The Group’s Distended Position

Kazakhstan actually have the same meeting record with Bosnia-Herzegovina, one defeat and two draws. But Kazakhstan has conceded more goals than the opposing team. This is what makes Talgat Baysufinov’s team in the distended position of Group D.

The three points are certainly the goal of Kazakhstan when it comes to the headquarters of Bosnia-Herzegovina on Wednesday. Because they certainly want to move from the bottom of the group to match the points belonging to Ukraine in third place.

In the last match, exchange latest slot gambling site recorded the final result of Kazakhstan which was defeated by Finland with a score of 1-0. As a result of being conceded by a single goal by Joel Pohjanpalo, Talgat Baysufinov’s team had to drop points and become caretaker.

Facing Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kazakhstan will certainly play defensively to counterattack in order to steal goals. Aydos Tattybaev and Abat Aimbetov are predicted to remain the mainstays on the front lines.

In the Kazakh midfield there may be Georgy Zhukov, Ramazan Orazov and Yan Vorogovskiy who are expected to help the front line as well as the back. Meanwhile, in the back line Kazakhstan will use five players like in the previous match against Kuwait.

Bosnia-Herzegovina vs Kazakhstan Score Prediction 08 September 2021

Bosnia-Herzegovina vs. Kazakhstan is a game that is difficult to predict, because the two teams have similar quality and match records. In addition, the two teams are also equally eyeing victory so that they are not at the bottom of Group D.

Even so, Bosnia-Herzegovina is expected to win in that match because they have players with slightly better quality than Kazakhstan. The match between Bosnia-Herzegovina vs. Kazakhstan is expected to end with score 2 – 1.

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