BTS Breaks New Record, Enters Guinness World Records 2022

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BTS Breaks New Record Again, Enters Guinness World Records 2022

Posted on: 09/6/21 at 11:00 am

BTS (Photo: Guinness World Records).

A series of achievements in the form of awards have come repeatedly to the current mega-hit K-Pop boyband, BTS. Recently, they were inducted into the “Guinness World Records Hall of Fame” for the 2022 period. This record was achieved by none other than their hit songs globally and massively such as ‘Butter’ and ‘Dynamite’.

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“THE BOYS ARE IN THE BOOK”, the tweet was officially uploaded through the official Guinness World Records (GWR) account. Also included are photos of BTS personnel holding GWR placards. “After breaking countless records throughout 2021, they have also cemented their position in the Guinness World Records Hall Of Fame,” the GWR tweet continued.

According to GWR’s own records, in 2021 BTS won 11 of the 23 world records. One of their mega hits, ‘Butter’, won five world records. Among other things as the most played song on Spotify in the first 24 hours after release (11 million). Most premieres on YouTube (3.9 million) and most viewed music video in a 24-hour period (108 million) and a host of other achievements.

In the middle of working on the music video for the remix version of the hit song, “Butter”

GWR continued “this record is only a small part of their achievements over the years and it is definitely expected to break many more records in the future. The opportunity for this boy group to become the best group can be realized because they can bring influence both through music and dance.” It was recently reported that they were releasing a remix version of the music video for the song ‘Butter’ and also involving other artists to appear in their video, one of which was rapper Megan Thee Stallion.

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For fans or better known as ARMY, of course, they can’t wait for the various surprises that this super mega hits boyband will always release. We look forward to reviews about the news and achievements that will be achieved by the next BTS.

Translator, Writer & Editor: Arslan Musyfia

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