Contribution of Zaid bin Thabit in Writing the Qur’an

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ACCURATE.CO When the Prophet Muhammad was still alive, there was a man who claimed to be a prophet named Musailamah. Then after the Prophet Muhammad died, Musailamah took advantage of this situation by deceiving the local people.

Apparently, Musailamah’s trick was successful. Not a few of the people whose faith is weak, especially the Arabs who wander out of Islam or apostasy.

Abu Bakr’s companions who knew about the safekeeping immediately took action to eradicate it, resulting in a battle. Then with the help of Allah SWT, the Islamic army won a resounding victory and Musailmah was killed. However, in this war many friends, including the Hafiz, became victims.

Driven by worry, Companion Umar RA went to Companion Abu Bakr RA and asked,

“Lots Hafiz who have become victims in this battle. I fear, in a few more battles we will lose a large part of the Qur’an due to the death of the Hafiz. Therefore I planned to collect the Qur’an and preserve it in the form of a complete book.”

“How can I do something that was never done during the lifetime of the Prophet Muhammad?” replied Abu Bakr RA.

But Umar’s Companions sincerely tried to convince Abu Bakr RA so that Abu Bakr also agreed to the plan. Abu Bakr RA then called Zaid bin Thabit RA and told him the plan,

“You is a bright young man, so the people have considered you a trustworthy young man. And you were once given the task by the Messenger of Allah to write the Qur’an when he was still alive. Therefore, I ask you to meet people who memorized the Qur’an to write it from them and collect it in a book.

Zaid said, “With Name of Allah, if Abu Bakr had ordered me to move a mountain, it would have been less difficult for me than collecting the verses of the Qur’an. How are you both able to do things that the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) never did when he was alive?”

Abu Bakr and Umar then clearly explained the purpose of the plan and Allah (SWT) eased his mind so that he could convince Zaid of the importance of the task. Finally Zaid met people who memorized the Qur’an and Zaid wrote it down to completion.[]


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