Corey Taylor Shows Up With A New Mask And Reveals The Meaning Behind It

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Corey Taylor Appears With Slipknot In New Mask And Reveals The Meaning Behind It

Posted on: 09/6/21 at 12:00 pm

Corey Taylor wearing his new mask (Photo: via Rocklahoma Facebook).

After resting for approximately 18 months trying out the stages due to the pandemic, finally at the Rocklahoma Festival on September 4th. Slipknot appear as headliner. Thousands of spectators seemed enthusiastic to enjoy every beat and beat of the music produced by this metal master from Des Moines, Iowa. As the band’s long-awaited return moment, the vocalist Corey Taylor appear with a new mask that can be said to be quite scary.

It was later reported that Corey had just recovered after contracting Covid-19. After contracting the virus, his solo summer tour had to be ended. Corey stated “this is the worst thing I have ever experienced in my life”. After being tested negative, the management gave him permission to return to tour with Slipknot.

Corey Taylor Reveals the Meaning of Slipknot’s Mask

At the Slipknot show in Rocklahoma, Corey wore a skeleton-style mask with a beaded pattern forming the eyes and stitching a smile around the mouth. To Blabbermouth Corey revealed, “The mask has been a part of us (Slipknot) forever. Especially for me and Clown and the people in the band who allow the ornamentation and shape of the mask to always evolve as if the mask is a reflection of who we are in music.”

While the masks of other Slipknot personnel when performing at Rocklahoma did not change. They are seen wearing album edition masks We Are Not Your Kind the same one they wore before. There has been no significant change in the pattern and model of the mask from other personnel except the singer frontman, Corey Taylor. The Rocklahoma festival stage also marked the band’s first show since the death of former drummer Joey Jordison earlier this summer.

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In the next agenda, Slipknot will play in three consecutive music festivals, namely Inkcarceration, Riot Fest and Knotfet Iowa.

What kind of enthusiasm and euphoria are felt by the audience when enjoying the strains of music at a large-scale concert performance? Just check the following video.

Author, Translator & Editor: Arslan Musyfia

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