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Hearing the word king cobra, we will describe a reptile that can be deadly. Let alone holding, meeting from a distance, maybe we will run away in fear. The king cobra with its deadly venom certainly makes anyone choose not to meet the longest venomous snake in the world.

Unfortunately, some areas may become nesting sites for king cobras or close to their habitat. In fact, some may appear suddenly in residential areas. Then, what is the best way to deal with the arrival of the king cobra? What is the best treatment if you have already been bitten by the venom?

King cobra habitat

King cobras have a fairly wide distribution, from Sumatra, Java, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, to Bali. King cobras (ophiophagus) usually live in tropical forests, forest edges, to oil palm plantations. Unfortunately, the king cobra is now an endangered animal due to the exploitation of international trade. Usually kept illegally by snake hobbyists.

King Cobra Sightings [sumber gambar]

The life of the king cobra is starting to be threatened due to habitat destruction, killing by humans, maintenance for the purpose of attraction, to exploitation of trade. Some of these reasons cause the king cobra to finally appear in residential areas around its habitat. In fact, several times had appeared in urban settlements.

The case of emergence and death by the king cobra

In 2020, residents of Lebengjumuk Village, Grobogan, were shocked by the appearance of an adult king cobra. The 2 meter long king cobra also appeared in Senayan, Jakarta in 2019, which was said to have emerged from a sewer. Meanwhile, more cases of death by king cobras arise from the keeper of this venomous snake.

The 4 meter long King Cobra was caught in the rice fields of Lebangjumuk Village, Grobokan District, Central Java, on Friday (4/12/2020) [sumber gambar]

Rendy Arga Yudha, an 18-year-old young man had to lose his life after being treated for four days in the ICU at the University of Indonesia Hospital, due to being attacked by his pet king cobra when he was about to feed. Unfortunately, at that time he only treated the wound with wind oil. In 2019, a young man with the initials HT died after having an attraction with the King Cobra in the courtyard of the Sabilulungan Cultural Building, Bandung Regency Government.

Tips for dealing with king cobras

When meeting a king cobra, try the following ways. Silent and not moving much is the first way when you meet a king cobra. If you move too much, the snake will think it is in danger. After that, pay attention to where the snake is going while looking for a safe place to take cover. Do not try to kill this rare animal, you can contact a snake expert if you have time.

Snake bite illustration [sumber gambar]

However, if you have already been bitten by a king cobra, the first aid that can be done is to prevent the snake’s venom from spreading to all parts of the body. You do this by lying down and placing the bitten part lower than the liver. Then, bandage or tie the bitten part to the base of the bite. Make sure it’s tightly tied and doesn’t make a lot of movement. Do not remove the bandage until you get antivenom from the hospital.

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It’s good for us to be aware of things that are dangerous. Especially when keeping animals that have stings or can be deadly, as well as being protected by the state. Well, for those of you who may live near the area where the snake appears, it’s better to be careful and always apply how to save yourself from the snake.

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