Egg Prices Drop 14 thousand per Kilo, Breeders Distribute Free Eggs to Residents: Please Take Yourself at the Cage

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The price of eggs in the market is in ruins. This makes egg farmers frustrated because they continue to lose.

One of them is an egg farmer in Lamongan, East Java. They were distraught after the price of eggs in the market plunged to Rp. 14 thousand per kilogram.

In fact, the previous normal price was in the range of Rp. 20 thousand. This certainly hit Hardi’s egg farming business in Mojosari Village, Mantup District.

He asserted, the selling price of eggs is currently very cheap and not worth the cost of production, ranging from feed needs to maintenance costs.

“The production cost is much higher than the selling price. This is what makes farmers worse off,” said Hardi, quoted from, the media network, Monday (6/9/2021).

Hardi admitted that he had done various ways to minimize losses, one of which was by dealing with feeding. But his efforts were still unable to save him from loss.

Hardi estimates the loss per 1000 chickens to reach Rp. 10 to 15 million. And when totaled from the beginning of August to the beginning of this month, the loss has reached Rp. 100 million.

“Farmers will get a profit if the price of eggs is Rp. 20 thousand and above per kilogram. Currently there is an imbalance between the cost of feed and the selling price of eggs. Ajur mas,” said Hardi, who owns 3,000 chickens.

To avoid a bigger loss, Hardi was forced to sell his productive chickens. He admitted that he had no other choice to survive.

“What other way do you want to help laying hens breeders at a reasonable price,” he said.

In addition, Hardi also let the eggs he produced just lay in the battery cage and residents were invited to take the eggs for free.

“Instead of selling it cheap, it’s better to give it to people who need it, just think of it as alms,” said Hardi asserted.

Residents also welcomed the pattern of alms done by chicken farmers by giving free eggs

“This was informed by Pak Tono (a worker at the cage) that there was a distribution of free eggs. But tell me to take it myself, so come straight here,” said Sholikhah, one of the residents who took the eggs for free.

Meanwhile, a number of other laying hens in Lamongan have also emptied their cages. They feel desperate with the collapse of the price of eggs.


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