For Pesugihan Rituals, These Mothers And Fathers Have The Heart To Pry Out Their Daughter’s Eyes | Most Exciting

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Paling Seru

Most Fun – A 6-year-old child with the initials AP became a victim of a ritual offering by his parents. Precisely on Wednesday, September 1, 2021, the child’s right eye was gouged out by his biological mother, H in the Lembang Panai neighborhood, Gantarang Village, Tinggimoncong District, Gowa Regency, South Sulawesi.

Footage of the moment when the child’s eyeballs were gouged out circulated on social media. In the video, the mother pokes out the victim’s eye with the help of the father (initials T) and the boy’s grandfather (initials B) and the uncle (initials S).

When doing the gouging, the father holds his son’s hands, while the grandfather holds the feet and his uncle helps hold the head. AP’s eyes were gouged out by his mother using his fingers without the aid of tools. At that time AP could not fight back.

“Assulukko! Assulukko!” said H, while prying out his daughter’s eyes.

H sounded like chanting a occult spell typical of pesugihan. The head of the Lembang Panai neighborhood, Dg Bella said that when the incident happened, he was with a foreman, Rudi watching from a distance. He felt that something was wrong.

Then, Dg Bella and Rudi approached and watched what happened. Seeing what happened, they were shocked and did not expect the actions of that one family. Then, Dg Bella rebuked and asked them to stop prying AP’s eyes.

However, the perpetrators did not listen to Dg Bella’s screams. Thankfully, when Banbinsa arrived, the incident was stopped and dissolved. Then, AP was immediately rushed to the Sheikh Yusuf Hospital, Sungguminasa, Gowa Regency. Meanwhile, the perpetrators, H, T, B have been detained by the Tinggimoncong Police. Meanwhile, S is being hunted because at that time he was running away.

“As far as I know, the husband and wife have never had a mental disorder. Maybe this has something to do with pesugihan, “ said Dg Bella.

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