Had defended Saipul Jamil for being friends, Inul Daratista now apologizes

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The news of the release of dangdut singer Saipul Jamil some time ago reaped a lot of rejection from the public. Because the abuse case that ensnared him was deemed inappropriate to get sympathy from the public again. Despite many rejections, there are still people who defend, one of them is senior dangdut singer Inul Daratista.

Inul had defended Saipul when he appeared as a guest star on a television show he was hosting. As a friend, Inul expressed his defense openly at the event. However, who would have thought that this would actually make Inul blamed by netizens. Until finally he uploaded his apology to netizens through his personal Instagram on Monday (6/9).

Inul apologized and explained that her actions were purely as a friend

Inul’s upload related to the apology was widely published in the media because previously he was heavily criticized by the public. The dangdut singer, who is famous for rocking the drill, apologized for not expecting his actions to hurt the public’s heart. “I apologize profusely if my impressions and comments about so-and-so (calling Saipul) really hurt you all,” Inul wrote in the upload.

Inul admitted that he did not have any intentions for a defense that was opposed by the public. Because, he only put himself as a friend of Saipul. So he felt he should be able to see the good side of his friend. “For me, I always see the good side of someone even if their actions are not good. It’s natural that we haven’t seen each other for a long time and then meet again. For me, whatever negative things are in him, I don’t interfere, “added Inul.

As is known, Inul had given his defense to Saipul. He said that Saipul deserved a chance to improve his name. “He’s already in school, so there’s no need to add what was there yesterday was brought up again. Let him exist, let him live his life again. And it was a pretty good experience. Hopefully netizens also understand,” said Inul quoted from Wowkeren.

Inul insists that he doesn’t treat Saipul special in the program he runs

In addition to apologizing and explaining his friendship with Saipul, Inul also explained his position in the program he was running. “In a program sometimes we are required to be able to make the contents of the program good and interesting, even though outside on air there is nothing to discuss and do,” explained Inul.

Carrying out the task of presenting a program on a television station seems to put Inul in a difficult position. Inul also emphasized that his friendship with Saipul did not make him treat his friend in a special way. “Whether the Fulan is given the stage and the opportunity on television or not, it’s not my capacity and business because I don’t have a television,” he wrote.

At the end of his upload, Inul again apologized for his actions. “Once again, I apologize profusely to all netizens. No human is perfect, if anything related to me and so and so yesterday, I humbly apologize,” said Inul.


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