Highlighting the Crowd at Holywings, Deddy Corbuzier: Well, the Gym was Closed, Even though Healthy People were there

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Social media is busy discussing a viral video of a crowd at a Jakarta cafe. It started with a netizen’s upload on TikTok which showed the Holywings Kemang cafe being disbanded by the police. In the video circulating, visitors can be seen crowding the location until some ignore health protocols, without wearing masks.

This viral video reached presenter Deddy Corbuzier. Through his social media page, Azka’s father immediately criticized people who dared to make a crowd as if the Covid-19 pandemic had ended. Deddy feels sad, because if activities like this continue, it is not impossible that the rate of transmission of the corona virus will increase again.

Exceeding operational hours when PPKM level 3 took place, officers found not a few young people who ignored health protocols in the cafe

Holywings cafe in Kemang, was found operating until midnight and causing a crowd. It is stated that the operating hours exceed the provisions when PPKM level 3 takes place. The operation was carried out on Sunday, early in the morning. Initially, the Polda Metro Police officers went down and went straight to Holywings to meet with the person in charge. After mediating, officers found a crowd inside without complying with health protocols. At that time, they immediately closed the cafe’s operations.

“Here’s Holiwings, Kemang. When is this country finished? None of the young people want to work together to eliminate Covid, look at these young people,” said someone in the video that was circulating.

The video of the raid then went viral after the @GibraltarNc account re-shared it on Twitter social media. As of Monday, at 12.08 WIB, the upload has been watched by more than 400 thousand users and has been liked by more than 9 thousand accounts. The name Holywings later became trending topics. They criticized the crowd in the cafe and demanded sanctions.

Deddy Corbuzier finally highlighted the crowd, he expressed concern that he compared it to the closed sports venue

Through his official social media, presenter Deddy Corbuzier criticized the crowd at Holywings, Jakarta. He then reminded that Covid-19 is vulnerable to attack young people. Deddy wondered how the cafe could operate as usual in the midst of the Regulations for the Enforcement of Community Restrictions (PPKM).

“The club just closed sticker HP from the first too. How did they pass from the past… By the way, now it’s Covid that is being attacked by their ages,” Deddy wrote as quoted from his Instagram, Monday (6/9).

Then he compared the condition of the cafe which was crowded with visitors with the gym which was forced to close due to the Covid-19 pandemic. In fact, according to Deddy, people who go to sports want their bodies to stay fit and healthy. Meanwhile, those who choose to go to cafes are just looking for entertainment.

“As for my comments, the gym is closed. It is clear that there are healthy people,” continued Deddy.

For the crowd, Holywings cafe was given a temporary closure for 3 days. The punishment received mixed responses from netizens

Public response of the crowd at Holywings | Credits: Twitter

The Holywings Kemang place of business was finally sanctioned in the form of a temporary closure for 3×24 hours. For now, no fines have been imposed. However, if they are found to have violated the PPKM regulations again, the sanctions will be given. The Satpol PP joint team will continue to carry out routine surveillance in anticipation of similar violations at entertainment venues, cafes or restaurants.

“I was imposed with a 3×24 hour closing sanction by the DKI Jakarta Provincial Satpol PP. If there is another violation, you will be fined. We carry out routine surveillance,” concluded the Head of the DKI Satpol PPNS as quoted from the news KompasTV.

This incident was certainly not expected by many parties, especially in last July Holywings participated in the effort to vaccinate the residents of Jakarta for Covid-19. At that time there were five restaurants that became vaccination locations on July 1-10. The five are Holywings Club V Jl Gatot Subroto, Holywings Tavern Kemang, Holywings Gold Kelapa Gading, Holywings Ground Tanjung Duren and Holywings Gading Serpong.

Netizens then expressed their frustration at the punishment given. They also ask the attitude of someone who dares to be in a crowd even though the corona virus is still around us.

“Indeed, it is very difficult for Indonesians to obey the rules. Not only at holywings sir. At night markets or places like Lake Sunter, Kemayoran has started to crowd again. Not everyone obeys the procedure, it makes noise and traffic jams,” commented the @di****h account.

“Astagfirullah, when will Covid end like this. Even though the data is down, do you have to be careless like this? Although I’m sure this is not the only HW Kemang. It’s just a matter of awareness, maybe they want PPKM to be extended continuously,” said another.

Hopefully the viral case will be a firm anticipation for the government to carry out surveillance. It also reminds the public that Covid-19 is still around us. For that, be wise in doing something, especially if it is only based on pleasure. Keep your spirits up.


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