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Holywings Bar & Restaurant.  Photo: Ist

PPKM coordinator Luhut Pandjaitan reminded the public not to forget control even though the number of Covid-19 cases is now decreasing. Luhut warned people not to let their guard down and it could eventually have a bad impact on handling Covid-19. Recently, visitors to the Holywings cafe have gathered around until they are dispersed by the authorities. What did Luhut say?

Luhut mentioned the existence of a party in a cafe that did not implement health protocols. It just so happened that recently Holywings cafe was getting a lot of attention with pro-progress violations.

Many Holywings Luhut said

The PPKM coordinator, Luhut Pandjaitan, responds to the prokes violation in a cafe in Jakarta that went viral. Luhut did not mention the name of the cafe, but recently the Holywings cafe has gone viral.

Holywings Bar & Restaurant. Photo: Ist

“We should be grateful for this momentum. Even so, this is not a euphoria that should be celebrated,” said Coordinating Minister Luhut in his remarks at the virtual PPKM announcement quoted from the Coordinating Ministry for Maritime Affairs website, Monday 6 September 2021.

Luhut reminded that the case of cafes in Jakarta where crowds were not implemented was a lesson learned together.

“This is something that we must avoid as happened a few days ago in cafe restaurants in the Jakarta area who did not comply with the health procedures until finally they had to take action to close for the next 3 days,” said Luhut.

Hang out without proces

Acting (Plt) of the South Jakarta Mayor, Isnawa Adji said, the joint team of the Mampang Prapatan Satpol PP with the South Jakarta Metro Police and the Metro Jaya Police went directly to Holywings to meet the person in charge. That’s because they received reports of a crowd inside the Holywings building.

The case of the Holywings crowd.  Photo: Twitter
The case of the Holywings crowd. Photo: Twitter

“After mediating, the team entered Holywings, and found an extraordinary crowd, which occurred indoors without complying with health protocols,” Isnawa told Republika in Jakarta, Monday.

The officers, he continued, immediately dispersed the crowd at the Holywings Kemang cafe. Later, the officers also asked Holywings management to be held accountable. “Exactly (Sunday) at 00.30 WIB, the visitors left the location. And, Holywings Bar & Resto was immediately closed,” Isnawa said.

He explained that the administrative sanction given to the management of Holywings for violating the health procedure was the closure of the business location for three days. “Satpol PP Mampang Prapatan Subdistrict and Satpol PP DKI Province closed Holywings Bar & Resto 3 x 24 hours,” Isnawa said.

However, he did not specify how many fines were imposed on the management of Holywsing Kemang. Isnawa asked the Head of the South Jakarta Satpol PP, Ujang Harmawan, to ask the matter.

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