Interesting Facts Behind Tiffany & Co.’s Iconic Diamond Necklace Nicknamed ‘Blood Diamond’

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Some time ago Tiffany and Co. had released a campaign titled ‘About Love’ by cooperating with Beyonce and her husband Jay-Z as models for the jewelry brand. After releasing her campaign, Beyonce actually received criticism and expressions of disappointment from netizens who knew the history of the yellow diamond necklace. The woman who is familiarly called Bey is also reportedly disappointed and angry because the diamond has a fairly dark history.

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The yellow diamond belongs to the jewelry brand Tiffany and Co. is the most iconic in the history of jewelry in the world

Launching from the Pop Sugar page, the yellow diamond belongs to jewelry brand Tiffany and Co. is one of the most iconic pieces of jewelery in fashion history. This diamond comes from South Africa and was first mined in the Kimberley in 1877. Later, this diamond was purchased by the founder of Tiffany and Co., Charles Lewis in 1878 for around $18,000 or currently worth Rp420 billion. This yellow diamond is also one of the greatest gemstone discoveries of the 19th century.

Throughout history, this diamond necklace has only been worn by four famous women namely Mary Whitehouse, Audrey Hepburn, Lady Gaga, and Beyonce. Mary Whitehouse who is the wife of an American diplomat wore this necklace while attending a fundraising event in 1957. Then, Audrey Hepburn wore it while promoting the film ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ in 1961.

After being stored for a long time, this necklace was used again by Lady Gaga when she received the Best Original Song award at the 2019 Oscars. Most recently, there was the talented singer Beyonce who also wore a yellow diamond necklace while campaigning for Tiffany and Co.

Behind its luxurious appearance, it turns out that this necklace has a history that is dark enough to make Beyonce feel disappointed

Launching from the Insider page, Beyonce received criticism for wearing a yellow diamond necklace belonging to Tiffany and Co. famous for its history. Beyonce became the fourth woman and the first black woman to wear the yellow diamond necklace. Tiffany and Co. took Beyonce as a model for the campaign entitled ‘About Love’ and plans to provide a scholarship program at Historically Black Colleges and Universities or HBCU.

After releasing her campaign, Beyonce actually received criticism from netizens because it was considered not in line with her musical works which often raised about Africa. Apparently, the yellow diamond necklace has a pretty dark history. The diamond was discovered in the Kimberley colonial mines in 1877 when the country and its mines were under British colonial rule. Migrant workers who are predominantly black also experience dire conditions and sometimes receive no pay for their work.

The United Nations or the United Nations defines the yellow diamond as ‘blood diamonds‘ or bloody diamonds because they were mined and controlled by the opposition forces who opposed the government at the time. Beyonce was reportedly disappointed and angry because she was not told about the history of the diamond.

Apparently, behind the luxury and elegance of a legendary yellow diamond necklace, there is a sad story of its workers. Hopefully in the future, brands in the fashion industry can pay more attention to the rights of their employees.


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