Inul Daratista Clarifies His Attitude To Saipul Jamil: I Hurt You

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Inul Daratista clarified.  (Instagram/inul.d)

Inul Daratista and Saipul Jamil. (Collage, Instagram/inul.d)

1NEWS – Inul Daratista has been in the spotlight for her words and actions towards dangdut singer Saipul Jamil. On one occasion, Inul admitted that he did not like netizens who criticized and sneered at Saipul Jamil.

Not only that, broadcasts on a television program that brought Inul Daratista together with Saipul Jamil also drew sharp attention. This series of events has been criticized by many parties, so Inul is now clarifying.

Inul Daratista clarified. (Instagram/inul.d)

Through an upload, Inul Daratista apologized for feeling that her words had hurt many people. Inul admitted that he was only trying to see the good side of someone even though the person’s actions were not good.

Inul actually did not mention Saipul Jamil’s name directly and chose to change his name with the word ‘fulan’. However, netizens immediately understood that the figure Inul was referring to in his clarification was Saipul Jamil.

“Good morning everyone. I apologize profusely if my impressions and comments about so and so hurt you all. Honestly, there is no intention for anything. Even with so and so as friends. not good. It’s natural that we haven’t seen each other for a long time and then meet again. For me, whatever negative things are in him, I don’t interfere, “ wrote Inul Daratista, Monday (6/9/2021).

Inul Daratista (Instagram/@inul.d)
Inul Daratista (Instagram/@inul.d)

Inul Daratista also explained about his attitude towards Saipul Jamil in an event. He said that there was a demand to make the program content more interesting.

“In a program sometimes we are required to be able to make the content of the program good and interesting even though outside on air there is nothing to discuss and do. And the relationship is limited to friends and any stories about so and so. the best and there is no special word,” he added.

In closing, Inul Daratista again apologized for all her mistakes.

Saipul Jamil is free and leaves Cipinang Prison. [ Winanto]
Saipul Jamil is free and leaves Cipinang Prison. [ Winanto]

“Once again I apologize profusely to all netizens, no one is perfect, if anything related to me and so and so yesterday, I humbly apologize for hurting all of you about comments and I think it’s my fault you all think. Sorry to be born and inner heart. Matur suwon (Thank you),” said Inul.

Netizens also commented on Inul Daratista’s clarification. They admitted that they were disappointed in Inul Daratista.

“Njih Ms. Inul…just imagine how it feels like to have been a victim, and to see her being worshiped plus being given a stage,” commented netizens.

“Sing patient, mother. We know why the queen’s intention is not like that. Hopefully in the future it can be better. For all of us. Always be healthy, mother,” wrote another netizen.


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