Invite Saipul Jamil Floods of Spicy Criticism, Trans TV Apologizes

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Trans TV apologizes for celebrating Saipul Jamil's freedom [Instagram/@transtv_corp]

1NEWS – Trans TV apologized to the public for the glorification carried out on Saipul Jamil. The open apology was delivered via Instagram @transtv_crop on Monday (6/9/2021).

“We accept criticism and input regarding the Viral Coffee program which airs on TRANS TV on Friday, September 3, 2021 with guest star Saipul Jamil,” along with the contents of Trans TV’s apology.

“We apologize for the show,” he continued.

As is known, one of the programs, Kopi Viral, broadcasts the freedom of Dewi Perssik’s ex-husband exclusively.

Trans TV apologizes for celebrating Saipul Jamil’s freedom [Instagram/@transtv_corp]

This public protest will be used by Trans TV as an evaluation material for its programs.

“This is a special concern and has carried out a thorough evaluation to be a lesson and improvement in the future. Thank you for your attention,” he said.

Previously, the Indonesian Broadcasting Commission (KPI) finally responded to protests from the public over Saipul Jamil’s appearance on the small screen. It is appealed to all television stations not to over-air the 41-year-old dancer.

“We ask all television broadcasters not to amplify and glorify (exaggerate by repeating and making the impression of celebrating) about the release of Saipul Jamil,” said Deputy Chairman of the Central KPI, Mulyo Hadi Purnomo in a press release, Monday (6/9/2021). ).

Saipul Jamil Controversy (Instagram/@saipul_jamil_fc)
Saipul Jamil Controversy (Instagram/@saipul_jamil_fc)

“We hope that all broadcasters understand the sensitivity and ethics of public propriety towards the case that has befallen the person concerned and at the same time not reopen the trauma experienced by the victim,” he continued.

As is known, Saipul Jamil has just been released after serving a sentence related to cases of sexual abuse of minors. She committed immoral acts against a man.

Saipul Jamil’s freedom has been flooded with criticism because the former D’Academy jury immediately went on safari to a number of television stations. He was even greeted enthusiastically.

Saipul Jamil is free and leaves Cipinang Prison. [ Winanto]
Saipul Jamil is free and leaves Cipinang Prison. [ Winanto]

Netizens felt that Saipul Jamil’s appearance did not think about the psychological trauma of the victim. Therefore, netizens made a petition to boycott Saipul Jamil from TV.

Now the movement has been signed more than hundreds of thousands of times. Considering that a number of people also voiced loud protests over the presence of Saipul Jamil on the small screen public figures.


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