Judge Says Mediation Between Tyas Mirasi and Raiden Soedjono Failed, Divorce Trial Continues – Latest Celeb News

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Three times, the South Jakarta Religious Court has held mediation sessions for the divorce of Tyas Mirasih and Raiden Soedjono. However, Tyas Mirasih never once attended the trial.

To that end, the judge stated that the mediation failed and the trial would go straight to the next agenda, namely witnesses.

“Mediation cannot be continued, but it will continue next week we will present witnesses,” said Bernard Pasaribu who is Raiden’s attorney, Monday (6/9).

Tyas Mirasih himself is also known not to be represented by a legal representative. It seemed like he wanted the trial to be over quickly.

“There is no (lawyer). From Tyas’s side, it has been declared that he has left, he is not present,” concluded Bernard Pasaribu.

The trial with a witness agenda will be resumed on September 13, 2021. However, Bernard Pasaribu does not want to open his voice as to who he will make as a witness.

“Not yet, not yet. We’re still working. We’ll see next week,” he concluded.

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