Kang Hye Won Confirmed To Star In Web Drama ‘Best Mistake’ Season 3 | Kpop Chart

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One of the former IZ * ONE personnel, Kang Hye Won will soon be playing in a web drama.

On Monday (06/09), Kang Hye Won’s agency announced, “Kang Hye Won was recently cast in the web drama ‘Best Mistake 3’.”

The agency added, “Kang Hye Won will be taking on her first acting project in ‘Best Mistake 3’. As she works very hard to show growth and improve her skills, please give lots of love and support to Kang Hye Won as she takes on new challenges.”

The web drama ‘Best Mistake 3’ will follow the story of Kim Yeon Doo (Lee Eun Jae) and Ji Hyun Joo (Kang Yul), as they graduate from high school and enter college.

Previously CIX’s Hyunsuk was confirmed to be starring in this web drama, while DAY6’s Wonpil is considering an offer for a role in the web drama.

Kang Hye Won will take on the role of Jin Se Hee, a beautiful and smart business college student. When Jin Se Hee wants something, she will get it no matter what.

‘Best Mistake 3’ is scheduled to air at the end of 2021. (1NEWS)

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