KKB’s real slap in Papua, observers touch the Taliban

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1NEWS – The Director of The Community of Ideological Islamic Analyst (CIIA) Harits Abu Ulya also highlighted the terror of the Armed Criminal Group (KKB) in Papua.

According to Harits, state officials seem so busy with the issue of the Taliban in Afghanistan that they forget about the KKB which has been labeled a terrorist.

“The KKB, which has been labeled a terrorist, has become increasingly violent because many civilian and TNI casualties have fallen. Unfortunately, the top brass are busy with issues of the impact of Indonesia’s security after the Taliban’s victory,” Harits told 1NEWS, Monday (6/9).

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Harits explained that the condition of the KKB in Papua had greatly tarnished the government’s actions in dealing with terrorism.

Therefore, he suggested President Jokowi to be more assertive in dealing with the KKB in Papua.

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“This actual danger is slapping the face of the Jokowi regime which is demonstrated by the KKB. In addition, it does not get tough and firm action from the Jokowi regime,” he explained.

Meanwhile, Harits alluded to the Densus 88 troops who are experts in dealing with terrorist groups.

This is because he suspects that KKB has domestic and foreign networks that have political motives to want to liberate Papua.


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