KPI Gets Stiff After Passing Saipul Jamil Wara-wiri on TV, Deddy Corbuzier: Turns Out They Are

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The rousing welcome that Saipul Jamil received when he left the Cipinang Class 1 prison, East Jakarta, drew sharp criticism from various parties.

The public admitted that they could not understand how an ex-convict of sexual harassment was still given the red carpet to the stage to exist as before.

In fact, Saipul Jamil had actually committed sexual crimes against minors and was proven to have bribed so that his sentence would be commuted.

But seeing Saipul Jamil’s procession while breathing free air seemed to erase all the sins he had committed in his past.

It is suspected that the public has filed a petition to boycott Saipul Jamil from the entertainment world in the country.

Apart from the general public, a striking comment was also made by a public figure, Deddy Corbuzier.

He recently uploaded a portrait of Saipul Jamil draped in a red and white flower arrangement while standing in an open-top Porsche.

This scene reminded Deddy Corbuzier of the procession that should be dedicated to athletes when winning gold medals to make the nation proud in the international arena.

Deddy Corbuzier then satirized Saipul Jamil and questioned what achievements he had after leaving prison.

“Incredible, winning a gold medal?!,” he said as quoted by from Instagram @mastercorbuzier on Monday, September 6, 2021.

Watching Saipul Jamil still playing on television stations made the former mentalist nudge the Indonesian Broadcasting Commission (KPI).

He questioned the performance of the censorship agency when the public had been screaming and protesting the screening of Saipul Jamil on the screen.

“Why is KPI silent, Saipul Jamil is euphoric while the people are protesting …,” he said as quoted from a tweet on his personal Twitter account @corbuzier.

Deddy also seemed to guess the reason for the silence of KPI because some time ago they were also stumbling upon the same case, namely about allegations of sexual harassment.

“Yes, yes, because the KPI itself turned out to be… Ah never mind,” said Deddy Corbuzier ending.


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