Makes Haru, This 2nd Grade Elementary School Sister Willing to Sell Donuts on the Street in order to make a living – 1NEWS

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When a child his age is busy playing games with his smartphone, this child even works hard selling on the street to meet the needs of the family.

The boy, whose name is not known, was first discovered by a man selling potato donuts in front of the Kediri Mosque, Tabanan.

Their meeting was uploaded on the man’s Dudunk XPc Boomer Facebook account on Friday (20/8). In the description of the upload, it is known that the boy is still a 2nd grade elementary school student.

Out of compassion, the man gave the boy selling potato donuts a bottle of drink. However, the drink was instead put in his bag. The reason, will be brought home to be given to his younger brother who is still a toddler.

“It really inspires me when I talk to this sister, where she is happy and doesn’t complain about the current situation and situation that makes me SHAME with myself,” the man continued in his status.

Furthermore, the man also prayed for the boy and he said he would save the upload as a reminder.

Instantly the upload was flooded with comments from netizens. Reporting from Instagram @denpsarnow, many also prayed for the boy. In fact, some even bought donuts when they accidentally met.

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