Makes You Cry, These Brothers and Sisters Sleep on the Street Waiting for Father to Come Home Mulung While Holding Hungry – 1NEWS

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No human being asks to be born in a poor family, neither do these children. They do not have a mother figure and the father is just a scavenger.

A video uploaded to the Instagram account @lambegosiip on (12/8) shows a pair of brothers sleeping on the street and being approached by a young man.

It is known that they no longer have a mother. The video also explains that they were forced to sleep on the side of the road in order to be at the mercy of passers-by.

“Already eaten?” the man asked.

The children shook their heads. However, when offered to buy food they refused. He said they wanted to wait for his father to come home first.

Undeterred, the man returned to his car and took a sack of rice and money to give to the brothers. Seen the sister was very happy to receive the gift of rice from the man in black.

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