Making Haru, This Blind Couple Still Takes Care of Their Child, Despite Having Physical Limitations – 1NEWS

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Often humans are not grateful for what they have, including a perfect physique. However, the story of this blind couple can be a hard slap for all of us.

A video showing a blind couple walking hand in hand on a village street had gone viral on social media. It turned out that the couple were not alone, one of them was holding a baby boy.

Reported from the Instagram account @manaberita, the husband and wife are named Andre and Arin. Both have flaws in their eyes, but are very united in caring for their baby.

In the video circulating, Andre is seen holding his son with a shawl, while Arin is walking behind him. They walked hand in hand while each holding the end of the umbrella so as not to separate.

It is known that this small family is a resident of Ngadimulyo Hamlet, Bulurejo Village, Purwoharjo, Banyuwangi, East Java.

There was a moment that then touched and became a hard slap for netizens. Namely, when the two of them were seen feeding their son together. The husband holds his son on his lap, while the wife feeds him.

Even in their physical limitations, they are still grateful, complement each other, and work hand in hand to care for their only son.

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