Ministry of Health: Variant Mu has not been detected in Indonesia – 1NEWS

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The Ministry of Health stated that Varian Mu has not been detected in the ASEAN region, including in Indonesia. This can be seen from the results of the detection of the Corona virus variant, Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS), which Indonesia continues to research.
Deputy Minister of Health of the Republic of Indonesia Dante Saksono Harbuwono explained that Varian Mu was first detected in Colombia. It is known from laboratory analysis that Variant Mu affects the effectiveness of other COVID-19 vaccines and its spread is not as strong as Variant Delta.

“One of the mutations other than the Delta variant, (appears) there is now a Mu variant. This variant occurred (detected) in Colombia,” said Dante during the PPKM Press Conference on Monday, September 6, 2021, quoted from

“Based on this week’s concern in the laboratory, this variant has resistance to vaccine conditions. But the spread is not as widespread as the transmission from the Delta variant.”

Variant Mu is included in the Variant of Interest (VoI) category by the World Health Organization (WHO). That is, this variant is observed by WHO, how it spreads and is transmitted.

The last time, according to data compiled by the Ministry of Health, Varian Mu was detected in East Asia in July 2021, namely South Korea (4 July) and Japan (5 July). This variant has not been found in Southeast Asian countries until now.

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