Mother’s Viral Unloading Tiger’s Piggy Bank, How Much Is It?

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tiger piggy bank

In this era of advanced technology, it turns out that there are still many people who save in the conventional way using a piggy bank. One of them is what a mother from Indonesia did. He uploaded a video when he was unpacking a giant tiger piggy bank and showing the savings he got.

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Video of Mother Unloading Tiger’s Piggy Bank that went viral on TikTok

Photo: TikTok @ayam Cantik16

The video was uploaded by the TikTok account @ayam Cantik16 on Friday (3/9). In the video, a mother is seen breaking her ceramic tiger piggy bank.

The piggy bank is quite large, about the height of an adult’s waist. The mother slowly but surely broke the piggy bank using a hammer. After the piggy bank split open, the metal coins inside were scattered outside.

Unexpectedly, the results of his savings so far have paid off very much. In fact, because of the large number of coins issued, the money can be used as a means of playing for the child. There was a small child swimming in the coins he had saved.

After that, the mother then separated the scattered money according to the nominal. The coins he saved were quite diverse. There are denominations of Rp 500 – Rp 1,000.

The amount of money saved in a piggy bank makes you curious

tiger piggy bank Photo: TikTok @ayam Cantik16

In the video of dismantling the tiger piggy bank, the mother did not tell in detail how much money she had managed to collect. This also makes netizens curious. Various netizen comments continued to arrive.

“So how many in total?” a netizen commented in the TikTok upload.

“No wonder there is no change in my shop, it turns out that all of them gather here,” said another TikTok account.

“If it’s me, two days have also been broken hahaha,” said another netizen.

“How long does this take to calculate? How much is the result?” said another curious netizen.

The video uploader did not immediately answer the curiosity of the netizens. However, two days later, a new video was uploaded by the mother again. He also explained about the amount and how long it took to save money to generate that large amount of money.

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tiger piggy bank PhotoL TikTok @ayam Cantik16

“A lot of people have asked for the total. So, this is a total of Rp. 13 million, and in the piggy bank there is also Rp. 2 million. So in total there is Rp. 15 million, yes, guys. And this has all been saved for 2 and a half years,” said the mother in a follow-up video uploaded to her account.

Not only that, the mother also said that all the proceeds from her savings would be kept as a deposit in the bank. He also hopes that the video he uploads can inspire many people and be more enthusiastic about saving.

The reason is, saving any amount, if done consistently, will definitely produce satisfactory results.

“I have deposited these coins again in the bank. So, for those who watch this video, I hope you are inspired and keep the spirit of saving, yes, friends,” concluded the mother.

Until this news was written, the video of the mother unloading the tiger piggy bank has been viewed 6.5 million times on TikTok social media.

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The Benefits of Savings That Can Be Taught to Children

Viral Mother Unloading Tiger's Piggy Bank containing Changes, How Much?

“Little by little, over time it becomes a hill.”

It seems that this proverb is very suitable to be pinned on the struggle of the mother who has just dismantled her tiger piggy bank, yes, Parents. His habit of saving for 2 years even with small change turned out to be successful in producing quite a lot of results.

Not only in terms of quantity, the habit of saving also turns out to have many positive benefits for everyday life, you know. Including if this habit is grown from an early age in the beloved baby.

Viral Mother Unloading Tiger's Piggy Bank containing Changes, How Much?

Furthermore, launching various sources, here are some benefits of getting children used to saving from an early age that can Parents apply:

  • Teach children to be able to manage their finances wisely in the future.
  • Can teach children to appreciate every sustenance he receives.
  • Train children to be able to make financial planning carefully.
  • Teach children about the concept of an emergency fund from an early age.
  • If Parents teaching children to save consistently since this, this activity will also indirectly foster discipline and patience in the little one.
  • Familiarize children to always try to pursue their desires. In terms of finances, saving can also teach children not to get used to debt in pursuit of desires.

That’s the news about a mother who made netizens excited because she managed to dismantle a giant tiger piggy bank containing a large amount of change. Hopefully the mother’s habits can also inspire Parents to teach children to save from an early age, yes!


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