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A make up artist or MUA became a conversation after being snubbed by netizens. This is because he made up the bride by wearing personal protective equipment or PPE.
This story was shared on the TikTok account @makeupbyiirma. Until this news was published, the video has been viewed at least 470 thousand times and received almost 10 thousand likes.

“His name is also endeavor,” wrote this MUA as a TikTok statement. In the video, the MUA is making up the bride wearing PPE. This is to protect each other from contagion of the corona virus.

However, MUA’s decision to use PPE was actually exposed to scorn from a netizen. The netizen satirized the MUA who already looked like he was going to make up the corpse. “This is bridal make-up or dead body make-up. Make up using PPE,” quipped the netizen.

MUA also gave an explanation patiently. He emphasized that he and his team were trying to protect each other’s safety and that of the bride and groom. “My team and I are just trying to take care of each other. We never know our clothes, our pants, etc. are sterile from droplets or not,” he wrote in the video.

In addition, MUA also told of an unpleasant experience when doing bridal makeup. He had contracted the corona virus while making up one of his clients in Yogyakarta. “In reflection, we were once positive for Covid when making up one of our clients in Jogja. Even though before the make up, we also swab. The result was negative,” he said.

Although the results are negative, but it is not a guarantee. The reason, he and the team the next day experienced symptoms of the corona virus. “But 1 day later, we felt the symptoms of Covid. Symptoms of fever, cough, runny nose, and anosmia,” he continued.

MUA said he immediately contacted the bride and groom about her condition, which was infected with the corona virus. The bride also did a PCR test and got a negative result. “After the next day, we informed the client about our condition. Then the client we made up in Jogja had a PCR test and the result was negative,” explained MUA.

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